Download Anime OST album Duel Masters ~Birth of Super Dragon~ Original Soundtrack

Album name: Duel Masters ~Birth of Super Dragon~ Original Soundtrack
Total files: 59
Size: 244.84 MB

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Files Size
101 birth of super dragon ~full version~.mp33.64 MB
102 welcome to the world of duel masters.mp32.67 MB
103 shop.mp32.76 MB
104 fight! battle arena.mp33.06 MB
105 peace.mp32.77 MB
106 excitement.mp32.58 MB
107 anger.mp33.43 MB
108 sadness.mp33.52 MB
109 doubt.mp33.64 MB
110 trickery.mp33.40 MB
111 civilization of fire.mp35.39 MB
112 civilization of light.mp35.41 MB
113 civilization of water.mp34.67 MB
114 civilization of nature.mp35.13 MB
115 civilization of darkness.mp36.01 MB
116 field of the decisive battle.mp36.08 MB
117 rising heat of the fire civilization.mp32.50 MB
118 golden temple of the light civilization.mp33.50 MB
119 ghost town of the water civilization.mp33.12 MB
120 in the sunshine of the nature civilization.mp32.33 MB
121 raging winds of the darkness civilization.mp32.47 MB
122 duel start.mp3305.10 KB
123 duel victory.mp3300.51 KB
124 duel defeat.mp3264.83 KB
125 haste.mp33.17 MB
126 land of transfer.mp34.01 MB
127 to the undiscovered world.mp32.91 MB
128 instant progress! duel masters.mp33.06 MB
129 to those unfamiliar with duel masters!.mp32.80 MB
130 you lively people there.mp33.57 MB
131 rare riot.mp31.15 MB
132 mr. matsumoto moves along!.mp32.86 MB
133 net plaza from here on.mp32.74 MB
134 trade plaza.mp33.05 MB
135 duel plaza.mp32.58 MB
136 ending.mp36.04 MB
201 fire civilization duel.mp36.43 MB
202 light civilization duel.mp35.60 MB
203 water civilization duel.mp35.48 MB
204 nature civilization duel.mp34.56 MB
205 darkness civilization duel.mp35.80 MB
206 tournament preliminaries duel.mp35.40 MB
207 tournament finals duel.mp36.39 MB
208 secret tournament finals duel.mp35.36 MB
209 the shadow duelist.mp35.95 MB
210 dark emperor xenon.mp36.45 MB
211 the duelist closest to god.mp36.38 MB
212 secret tournament preliminaries duel.mp35.30 MB
213 ai duel.mp35.50 MB
214 the legendary duelist.mp35.38 MB
215 free duel.mp36.16 MB
216 the heretic duelist.mp36.13 MB
217 the cursed girl.mp36.32 MB
218 the scorching duelist.mp35.22 MB
219 the heavenly duelist.mp35.14 MB
220 the death god duelist.mp36.17 MB
221 pretty duel girl.mp34.88 MB
222 the brave duelist.mp35.16 MB
223 birth of super dragon.mp32.57 MB