Download Anime OST album dot hack Game Music - Perfect Colle

Album name: dot hack Game Music - Perfect Colle
Total files: 125
Size: 196.83 MB

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Files Size
1-01 title (title).mp31.21 MB
1-02 desktop (desktop).mp32.46 MB
1-03 toppage [the world] (top page).mp32.50 MB
1-04 rtwon0 delta (water capital ser.mp33.17 MB
1-05 rtown1 theta (alpine city serve.mp33.48 MB
1-06 rtown2 lambda (culture city ser.mp32.88 MB
1-07 rtown5 sigma (sky city server f.mp33.01 MB
1-08 rtown6 omega (historic city ser.mp32.44 MB
1-09 puti farm (puchiguso pasture).mp31.81 MB
1-10 stage01 (common prarie rain fie.mp33.32 MB
1-11 stage04 (common wasteland field.mp33.55 MB
1-12 stage08 (common earth field ~ b.mp32.93 MB
1-13 stage12 (common wilderness fiel.mp34.26 MB
1-14 stage17 (c ommon snowfield nigh.mp33.57 MB
1-15 stage19 (common desert field ~.mp33.66 MB
1-16 stage21 (common scorching field.mp33.36 MB
1-17 dgn03 (common forest field ~ ba.mp33.62 MB
1-18 dgn00 (common stonewall dungeon.mp33.64 MB
1-19 dgn01 (common cave dungeon ~ ba.mp34.00 MB
1-20 dgn10 (common castle dungeon ~.mp33.71 MB
1-21 dgn02 (common meatwall dungeon.mp32.12 MB
1-22 ev05 (phase no. 1 skeith).mp33.86 MB
1-23 ev10 (phase no. 2 innis).mp33.42 MB
1-24 ev11 (phase no. 3 magus).mp33.66 MB
1-25 ev13 (phase no. 4 findell).mp33.55 MB
1-26 ev14 (phase no. 5 gore).mp33.31 MB
1-27 ev17 (phase no. 6 maha).mp34.03 MB
1-28 ev18 (phase no. 7 tarvos).mp34.11 MB
1-29 ev19 1 (phase no. 8 korbenik 1s.mp34.02 MB
1-30 ev19 1 (phase no. 8 korbenik 3r.mp33.51 MB
2-01 loop1 vol. 1 (opening).mp32.08 MB
2-02 aura1 (aura's theme).mp33.05 MB
2-03 blackrose (blackrose's theme).mp32.32 MB
2-04 cathedral (hidden forbidden hol.mp31.04 MB
2-05 str9 1 (first time at the holy.mp32.38 MB
2-06 str9 2 (balmung's entry and the.mp32.79 MB
2-07 mia (mia's theme).mp31.33 MB
2-08 piroshi (piroshi's theme).mp31.91 MB
2-09 str01 (kubia's birth).mp31.95 MB
2-10 staff1 vol. 1 ~ vo. 3 (staff ro.mp36.39 MB
2-11 ev07 (airship brigade).mp32.02 MB
2-12 bonus0 (800 seasons bonus track.mp32.27 MB
2-13 loop2 vol. 2 (opening).mp31.85 MB
2-14 str10 vol. 1 recollection (kubi.mp31.85 MB
2-15 str11 (ryosu ~ helba).mp33.31 MB
2-16 ev00 (net slums).mp32.36 MB
2-17 aura2 (aura and kubia).mp3964.00 KB
2-18 ev06 (kubia no. 1 ~ no. 3 stage.mp32.78 MB
2-19 ev08 (inverted castle city).mp31.70 MB
2-20 dgn12 2 (inverted castle city ~.mp31.78 MB
2-21 bonus1 (800 significant season'.mp32.34 MB
2-22 loop3 vol. 3 (opening).mp32.09 MB
2-23 str17 (kite and blackrose in la.mp31.74 MB
2-24 str30 (soryou and sukeisu).mp31.01 MB
2-25 puti (puchiguso's theme).mp31.96 MB
2-26 puti win2 (puchiguso's race vic.mp3978.53 KB
2-27 ev09 (flying creature).mp31.93 MB
2-28 bonus2 (800 significant season'.mp32.39 MB
2-29 loop4 vol. 4 (opening).mp31.82 MB
2-30 str19 (maha's appearance).mp3462.18 KB
2-31 str20 (mia's death).mp32.31 MB
2-32 ev20 (kubia's 4th phase).mp32.87 MB
2-33 str21 (drain heart).mp33.52 MB
2-34 ending i (ending).mp33.05 MB
2-35 staff4 vol. 4 (staff roll).mp33.95 MB
2-36 str32 (recurring illusions of m.mp33.96 MB
2-37 bonus3 (800 significant season'.mp33.77 MB
2-38 bonus4 (800 significant season'.mp33.03 MB
3-01 t dtpop desktop (open).mp3154.02 KB
3-02 t aprislct desktop (application.mp3162 KB
3-03 t menufix desktop (decision).mp3162 KB
3-04 t cursor desktop (cursor moveme.mp3162 KB
3-05 t cancel desktop (cancel).mp3162 KB
3-06 t sendmail desktop (main transm.mp3162 KB
3-07 t login [the world] login.mp3160 KB
3-08 menu open game menu (open).mp3162 KB
3-09 menu slct game menu (select).mp3162 KB
3-10 menu fix game menu (decision).mp3162 KB
3-11 menu cancel game menu (cancel).mp3162 KB
3-12 errbeep game menu (error sound).mp3162 KB
3-13 book 800 significant seasons op.mp3164 KB
3-14 gate open chaos gate open.mp3162 KB
3-15 gate close chaos gate close.mp3162 KB
3-16 gatemenu eff1 gate hacking menu.mp3162 KB
3-17 gatemenu eff2 gate hacking menu.mp3162 KB
3-18 gatemenu eff3 gate hacking menu.mp3162 KB
3-19 gatemenu eff4 gate hacking menu.mp3162 KB
3-20 warp pc transmission sound.mp3160 KB
3-21 skil pc pc skill invoke sound.mp3160 KB
3-22 skil enemy monster skill invoke.mp3162 KB
3-23 barrier attribute resistance sh.mp3162 KB
3-24 levelup pc level up.mp3160 KB
3-25 kakasi foot kakashinga footstep.mp3162 KB
3-26 box open treasure box is opened.mp3162 KB
3-27 item1 item get.mp3162 KB
3-28 item lvup1 equipment level up 1.mp3162 KB
3-29 item lvup2 equipment level up 2.mp3162 KB
3-30 item lvdw equipment level down.mp3162 KB
3-31 fairyorb fairies orb.mp3164 KB
3-32 ocarina soul ocarina.mp3162 KB
3-33 warning hp warning sound.mp3162 KB
3-34 gameover off monitor off.mp3162 KB
3-35 puti whistle puti whistle.mp3162 KB
3-36 puti foodget drawing out puchig.mp3162 KB
3-37 puti eat puchiguso eating food.mp3164 KB
3-38 puti gepp puchiguso burp.mp3160 KB
3-39 food00 puchiguso bait voice [go.mp3164 KB
3-40 food01 puchiguso bait voice [he.mp3164 KB
3-41 food02 puchiguso bait voice [tw.mp3162 KB
3-42 food03 puchiguso bait voice [sn.mp3162 KB
3-43 food04 puchiguso bait voice [oh.mp3162 KB
3-44 food05 puchiguso bait voice [co.mp3160 KB
3-45 food06 puchiguso bait voice [wh.mp3164 KB
3-46 food07 puchiguso bait voice [tu.mp3162 KB
3-47 food08 puchiguso bait voice [la.mp3162 KB
3-48 food09 puchiguso bait voice [ma.mp3162 KB
3-49 food0a puchiguso bait voice [ma.mp3162 KB
3-50 food0b puchiguso bait voice [pi.mp3160 KB
3-51 food0c puchiguso bait voice [im.mp3162 KB
3-52 food0d puchiguso bait voice [be.mp3162 KB
3-53 food0e puchiguso bait voice [in.mp3162 KB
3-54 food0f puchiguso bait voice [bl.mp3160 KB
3-55 putirace start puchiguso race f.mp3188 KB
3-56 putirace win1 puchiguso race fa.mp3224.02 KB
3-57 putirace lose puchiguso race fa.mp3158 KB