Download Anime OST album Daytona USA ~ B-UNIV

Album name: Daytona USA ~ B-UNIV
Total files: 47
Size: 102.92 MB

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Files Size
01 let's go away.mp37.80 MB
02 pounding pavement.mp39.74 MB
03 daytona in the night.mp34.00 MB
04 sky high.mp37.84 MB
05 tornado.mp38.21 MB
06 the queen of speed.mp39.24 MB
07 let's go away.mp31.85 MB
08 start your engines.mp31.04 MB
09 the king of speed.mp38.38 MB
10 let's go away.mp37.83 MB
11 sky high.mp38.34 MB
12 pounding pavement.mp38.12 MB
13 breakdown.mp3392.00 KB
14 bitchin'.mp3434.00 KB
15 check it out !.mp3416.00 KB
16 sweat.mp3424.00 KB
17 rolling start.mp31.14 MB
18 dreaming of daytona usa.mp31.14 MB
19 could you fly.mp31.14 MB
20 pounding pavement (reprise).mp31.13 MB
21 g.a.m.e.o.v.e.r.mp3416.00 KB
22 david goes to victory lane.mp3892.00 KB
23 a.b (after burner).mp3316.00 KB
24 exn (exhaust note).mp3358.00 KB
25 g.f (galaxy force).mp3424.00 KB
26 glc (g-l.o.c).mp3374.00 KB
27 gpr (gp rider).mp3342.00 KB
28 h.o (hang on).mp3384.00 KB
29 ors (out runners).mp3366.00 KB
30 o.r (out run).mp3300.00 KB
31 p.d (power drift).mp3424.00 KB
32 r.m (rad mobile).mp3458.00 KB
33 s.c (stadium cross).mp3358.00 KB
34 s.f (strike fighter).mp3358.00 KB
35 s.h (space harrier).mp3334.00 KB
36 smg (super monaco gp).mp3334.00 KB
37 tor (turbo out run).mp3326.00 KB
38 v.f (virtua fighter).mp3416.00 KB
39 v.r (virtua racing).mp3416.00 KB
40 sho (super hang on).mp3358.00 KB
41 vmr (vermillion).mp3342.00 KB
42 e.r (enduro racer).mp3392.00 KB
43 t.b (thunder blade).mp3416.00 KB
44 qtt (quartet).mp3308.00 KB
45 sdi (s.d.i.).mp3384.00 KB
46 coming soon.mp32.18 MB
47 extras.mp31.85 MB