Download Anime OST album Asura's Wrath

Album name: Asura's Wrath
Total files: 53
Size: 218.39 MB

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Files Size
Project Barracuda0.55 MB
Main Theme of ASURA'S WRATH3.06 MB
Furueru Kokoro8.81 MB
Furious7.04 MB
Unwavering Justice3.67 MB
Six Heavenly Weapons of Indra0.84 MB
The Gods' Military Forces4.76 MB
Insurrection4.75 MB
God's Vanguard5.23 MB
Fear God4.92 MB
Only Happiness For This Child1.23 MB
A Place To Return To4.48 MB
One Who Spins Ideas4.16 MB
Demon Ruination4.92 MB
Broadminded4.45 MB
Orphan Wolf Legend -Wind-1.42 MB
Orphan Wolf Legend -Fang-5.36 MB
A Change of Fortune2.33 MB
One Flower in the Wasteland1.51 MB
Demon Curse5.31 MB
Those Who Borrow Power4.41 MB
Temple Ship5.33 MB
Symphony No. 9 from The New World 2nd​Movement2.59 MB
Symphony No. 9 from The New World 4th​Movement6.48 MB
I Don't Need a God Who Only Takes Away1.85 MB
Even a God Must Dirty These Hands2.34 MB
Sink Into Ostentation4.29 MB
Open Your Friend's Eye5.27 MB
Sakra Devanam Indra1.90 MB
Counterattack Fists8.02 MB
Show Justice5.15 MB
Already You Must Recite It7.67 MB
Visit6.41 MB
Star's Outcry4.74 MB
Furueru Kokoro (instrumental)9.03 MB
Becoming the King of the Round Ring3.25 MB
Aurora Borealis5.27 MB
Orphan Wolf Legend -Bonds-4.95 MB
Proceed to the Earth with a Decisive​Battle1.68 MB
One Who Destroys the Ring2.18 MB
One Who Spins Samsara6.97 MB
Furueru Kokoro (Piano Solo)7.68 MB
Furueru Kokoro (Ethnic Arrange)10.07 MB
Option2.70 MB
Game Over0.48 MB
Asura's Wrath3.01 MB
Treachery's Beacon1.24 MB
Demolishing Adversity3.49 MB
Determination3.02 MB
Unruined Reason1.78 MB
That Strength is Ugly1.20 MB
Green Youth, But...1.23 MB
Recollection3.94 MB