Download Anime OST album Astra Superstars Original Soundtrack

Album name: Astra Superstars Original Soundtrack
Total files: 52
Size: 105.60 MB

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Files Size
Welcome to Astra World (Opening)0.46 MB
Soma Control (Tutorial)1.02 MB
Trust your Stars (Character Select)2.11 MB
V.S. Screen0.14 MB
Lettuce Stage Opening0.84 MB
Wandering Lightning Speed (Lettuce​Stage)5.57 MB
Maron Stage Opening0.60 MB
Angel Star (Maron Stage)3.40 MB
Stella Stage Opening0.76 MB
Memory of a Sleepy Forest (Stella Stage)5.69 MB
Sakamoto Stage Opening1.03 MB
Arcane! Enmagougouzan (Sakamoto Stage)5.24 MB
Rouge Stage Opening0.61 MB
Present from the Country of Ice (Rouge​Stage)7.15 MB
Coco Stage Opening0.97 MB
Welcome to Onion Country (Coco Stae)5.35 MB
Cupe Stage Opening0.97 MB
Warcry of a Brave Warrior (Cupe Stage)5.73 MB
Fooly Stage Opening1.22 MB
The Town of Fog has a Hazardous Smell​(Fooly Stage)5.82 MB
Test-kun Stage Opening1.25 MB
Techno de Oissu!5.78 MB
My Devil - My Angel Stage Opening1.26 MB
Painted Portrait (My Devil - My Angel​Stage)4.06 MB
Lucky Star1.34 MB
Satan Volte Stage Opening1.02 MB
Requiem for the End of the Universe​(Satan Volte Stage)2.47 MB
We'll go Search for Treasure Again​Tomorrow (Lettuce Ending)2.15 MB
Thank you, God!! (Maron Stage)2.20 MB
Wrapped up in Sunshine (Stella Ending)2.37 MB
In Matsuribayashi Flowers Bloom​(Sakamoto Ending)2.02 MB
Grant it to me! (Rouge Ending)2.43 MB
The Everybody's Lovable! Onion Prince​(Coco Ending)1.95 MB
I am a Warrior of the Land (Cupe Ending)2.11 MB
Afternoon of the Gangsters (Fooly​Ending)2.44 MB
Continue0.28 MB
Game Over0.28 MB
Lettuce0.57 MB
Maron0.53 MB
Stella0.54 MB
Sakamoto0.59 MB
Rouge0.54 MB
Coco0.51 MB
Cupe0.52 MB
Fooly0.54 MB
Test-kun0.54 MB
My Devil0.27 MB
My Angel0.23 MB
Satan Vorte0.43 MB
etc Voice1.69 MB
S.E Collection2.50 MB
[Bonus Track] Angel Star -Soundtrack​Version-5.48 MB