Download Anime OST album Art of Fighting Anthology Arrange Sound Trax (gamerip)

Album name: Art of Fighting Anthology Arrange Sound Trax (gamerip)
Total files: 91
Size: 282.09 MB

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Files Size
101 NEO-GEO.mp3266.97 KB
102 Theme of the Dragon and Tiger.mp31.24 MB
103 Thanks for the 200 Yen.mp3157.17 KB
104 Want Which One, I Want That One.mp31.31 MB
105 Welcome to the Todo Mansion.mp3872.16 KB
106 ART OF FIGHT.mp310.14 MB
107 Aah, I Want to Go Back to Japan.mp3431.38 KB
108 Yuri Awaits.mp3977.54 KB
109 Mamemamemaame.mp33.92 MB
110 Delinquents Have Honor Too.mp3722.70 KB
111 Chinese Old Man.mp33.78 MB
112 Defeated by Age, As I Thought.mp3432.12 KB
113 Don't Look.mp32.84 MB
114 I Want to Return to Normal.mp3408.30 KB
115 Bonus Game.mp33.49 MB
116 Initiation to the Super Death Blow.mp3965.69 KB
117 Strike! Strike!.mp3639.23 KB
118 Welcome to Downtown.mp3496.29 KB
119 Being Tough Feels Good.mp36.10 MB
120 Being Tough Was Good.mp3477.23 KB
121 Flying Baaang!.mp33.69 MB
122 Flying Booom!!.mp3412.98 KB
123 Blue Moon Factory.mp38.15 MB
124 Fight Uninjured.mp3462.28 KB
125 Wait a Moment.mp31.59 MB
126 The Tengu Show.mp33.40 MB
127 Impossible.mp3588.60 KB
128 Could That Person Be Our Child.mp31.88 MB
129 Hey, Let's Do It Again.mp3510.48 KB
130 CONTINUE.mp3431.62 KB
201 Art of Fighting 2 Theme (Title).mp31.37 MB
202 Return of Dragon and Tiger (Main Menu).mp3922.76 KB
203 I Decided on this One (Player Select).mp3822.02 KB
204 The Horse and Me (Ryo Sakazaki BGM).mp36.65 MB
205 Ferrari Man (Robert Start Demo).mp31.34 MB
206 SWING THE HOUSE (Robert Garcia BGM).mp34.55 MB
207 Gang (Jack Turner BGM).mp36.58 MB
208 Chinese Old Man -NEO ASIAN MIX (Lee Pai Long BGM).mp33.46 MB
209 Pumpkin and Clown (King BGM).mp37.37 MB
210 Towards Glory (Mickey Start Demo).mp3691.24 KB
211 Prelude to Glory (Mickey Rogers BGM).mp36.43 MB
213 Acquisition (Bonus Success) ~Again, In the Next Chance (Bonus Failure).mp3225.10 KB
214 Initiation to the Super Death Blow (Old Temple ~ Old Factory).mp31.13 MB
215 Naturally (Energy Complete Screen) ~ 100 Wooden Man.mp3541.94 KB
216 NEXT STAGE (Movement Map Screen).mp3912.86 KB
217 Mustang Man (John Crawley BGM).mp36.17 MB
218 The Way of the Shinobi (Eiji Kisaragi BGM).mp34.92 MB
219 Foghorn (Temjin BGM).mp33.27 MB
220 Diet (Yuri Sakazaki BGM).mp35.41 MB
221 Instructor (Takuma Sakazaki BGM).mp36.05 MB
223 Comissioner (Geese Taking Demo).mp31.39 MB
224 Uh Geese (Geese Appearance Demo).mp3811.05 KB
225 Kiss for Geese -CYBER EDIT- (Geese Howards BGM).mp35.22 MB
226 Towards the Hungry Wolf (Geese Escape Demo).mp31.40 MB
227 Let's Meet the Hungry Wolf (Geese Epilogue).mp31.03 MB
228 Bright, Enjoyable (Ryo, Robert, Yuri, Temjin Ending).mp31.02 MB
229 Ambition (Jack, BIG Ending).mp3844.98 KB
230 New Medicine Discovered (Lee Ending).mp3951.71 KB
231 Anew... (Mickey, John Ending).mp3823.00 KB
232 The Way of Fighting (Kisaragi Ending).mp3967.44 KB
233 Hope (King, Takuma Ending).mp31.48 MB
234 Excessively Long (Staff Roll).mp34.98 MB
235 CONTINUE.mp3373.22 KB
236 GAME OVER.mp3112.34 KB
301 Back Fight Again (Art of Fighting Theme).mp3713.16 KB
302 Player Select.mp31005.40 KB
303 Here Comes a New Challenger.mp394.52 KB
304 Start Demo (1day~8day).mp3906.16 KB
305 Get High Prelude.mp31.35 MB
306 Get High (Theme of RYO).mp310.26 MB
307 Get High (Rage Groove Mix).mp310.73 MB
308 Get High (B-Mix).mp311.30 MB
309 Get High (Goa Trance).mp39.63 MB
310 Ultimate K.O.mp3183.39 KB
311 Clear.mp3191.02 KB
312 Traveler.mp3999.06 KB
313 Mojo Prelude.mp31.22 MB
314 Mojo (Theme of ROBERT).mp39.20 MB
315 Mojo (Boogie Mix).mp310.39 MB
316 Mojo (Ramble Mix).mp310.29 MB
317 Stone in Santana (A Bass Groover).mp37.18 MB
318 Cihco de Mayo.mp36.55 MB
319 Muzika Jungle Prelude.mp3912.37 KB
320 Muzika Jungle (Theme of WYLER Edition 1).mp313.34 MB
321 Muzika Jungle (Theme of WYLER Edition 2).mp311.84 MB
322 Liberation Hallucination (Piano Versio).mp33.18 MB
323 Liberation Hallucination (Theme of FREIA).mp32.71 MB
324 CONTINUE.mp3458.25 KB
325 GAME OVER.mp3113.59 KB