Download Anime OST album Arcana Heart 2 Heartful Sound Collection

Album name: Arcana Heart 2 Heartful Sound Collection
Total files: 56
Size: 202.31 MB

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Files Size
1-01-Arcana Heart 2 (Opening).mp32.29 MB
1-02-Maidens ver.2 (Character Select).mp31.37 MB
1-03-Arcana ver.2 (Arcana Select).mp31.39 MB
1-04-Game Mode (Mode Select).mp31.56 MB
1-05-Meanwhile the Elemental World was... (Mid Demo BGM).mp32.75 MB
1-06-Where in Kanto Should We Go (Map Select BGM).mp31.60 MB
1-07-Contract - Summon ver.2 (Before Battle Demo).mp3542.03 KB
1-08-Heartful!! (Misono Female Academy - Main Plaza).mp35.45 MB
1-09-With the Usual Mood (Conversation Event).mp32.07 MB
1-10-L.G.A Force (Akasaka - State Guesthouse).mp36.53 MB
1-11-With Kind Mood (Conversation Event).mp32.11 MB
1-12-Yamatomaru (Yokohama - Ship Yamatomaru).mp35.81 MB
1-13-With Fun Mood (Conversation Event).mp31.87 MB
1-14-Fault Carol (Kanda - Arteda Elemental Temple).mp36.32 MB
1-15-With Happy Mood (Conversation Event).mp33.29 MB
1-16-Song of Edo (Nikko - Edomachi).mp36.73 MB
1-17-With Serious Mood (Conversation Event).mp32.62 MB
1-19-Operation (Nagata-cho - The National Diet).mp36.30 MB
1-19-With Brave Mood (Conversation Event).mp32.30 MB
1-20-Hotaka (Ushiku - Great Haniwa).mp36.60 MB
1-21-This is Me, Hyodo (Mid Demo BGM).mp32.44 MB
1-22-Charming Girl and the Beast (Tokyo Bay - Kisarazu Artificial Island).mp36.51 MB
1-23-I Won't Lose For Sure! (Challenger Demo).mp3299.90 KB
1-24-Dawn (Mount Kusatsu-Shirane - Yugama).mp35.94 MB
1-25-I Won! (Victory Demo).mp32.07 MB
1-26-On Stage Now! (Fujiyoshida - Takahara Amusement Park).mp35.76 MB
1-27-This is no Time for Doubts (Map Select BGM).mp31.58 MB
1-28-A Little More Until the Great Kanto Destruction (Mid Demo BGM).mp32.30 MB
1-29-Angelia (Edogawa Underground - Giant Drainage Ditch).mp36.40 MB
1-30-Close Sisters (Mid Demo BGM).mp33.45 MB
1-31-World End (Mt. Fuji - The Boundary of the World).mp37.17 MB
1-32-The End of the Ambitions (Mid Demo BGM).mp33.07 MB
1-33-Peace is the Best (Ending).mp34.63 MB
1-34-A Lot Happened (Staff Roll).mp33.58 MB
1-35-I Want to Continue... (Continue).mp31.06 MB
1-36-How... (Game Over).mp3444.74 KB
1-37-Arcana Heart 2 (long ver).mp38.49 MB
2-01-Heart Aino.mp33.18 MB
2-02-Saki Tsuzura.mp32.93 MB
2-03-Kamui Tokinomiya.mp33.16 MB
2-04-Konoha.mp33.88 MB
2-05-Maori Kasuga, Others.mp34.18 MB
2-06-Mei-Fang, Others.mp33.30 MB
2-07-Lilica Felchnerow.mp33.54 MB
2-08-Lieselotte Achenbach.mp33.71 MB
2-09-Yoriko Yasuzumi, Michelangelo.mp35.32 MB
2-10-Kira Daidohji.mp34.00 MB
2-11-Fiona Mayfield.mp33.70 MB
2-12-Petra Johanna Lagerkvist, Others.mp33.75 MB
2-13-Zenia Valov.mp32.84 MB
2-14-Elsa La Conti, Others.mp33.11 MB
2-15-Clarice Di Lanza, Others.mp33.52 MB
2-16-Catherine Kyohbashi.mp33.83 MB
2-17-Dorothy Albright, Others.mp33.78 MB
2-18-Angelia Avallone, Others.mp34.84 MB
2-19-System Voice.mp3793.77 KB