Download Anime OST album Arcana Heart 2 Heartful Sound Collection

Album name: Arcana Heart 2 Heartful Sound Collection
Total files: 56
Size: 202.31 MB

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Files Size
Arcana Heart 2 (Opening)2.29 MB
Maidens ver.2 (Character Select)1.38 MB
Arcana ver.2 (Arcana Select)1.40 MB
Game Mode (Mode Select)1.57 MB
Meanwhile the Elemental World was...​(Mid Demo BGM)2.76 MB
Where in Kanto Should We Go (Map Select​BGM)1.60 MB
Contract - Summon ver.2 (Before Battle​Demo)0.53 MB
Heartful!! (Misono Female Academy - Main​Plaza)5.45 MB
With the Usual Mood (Conversation Event)2.07 MB
L.G.A Force (Akasaka - State Guesthouse)6.54 MB
With Kind Mood (Conversation Event)2.12 MB
Yamatomaru (Yokohama - Ship Yamatomaru)5.81 MB
With Fun Mood (Conversation Event)1.88 MB
Fault Carol (Kanda - Arteda Elemental​Temple)6.33 MB
With Happy Mood (Conversation Event)3.30 MB
Song of Edo (Nikko - Edomachi)6.74 MB
With Serious Mood (Conversation Event)2.62 MB
Operation (Nagata-cho - The National​Diet)6.31 MB
With Brave Mood (Conversation Event)2.31 MB
Hotaka (Ushiku - Great Haniwa)6.60 MB
This is Me, Hyodo (Mid Demo BGM)2.45 MB
Charming Girl and the Beast (Tokyo Bay -​Kisarazu Artificial Island)6.52 MB
I Won't Lose For Sure! (Challenger Demo)0.29 MB
Dawn (Mount Kusatsu-Shirane - Yugama)5.94 MB
I Won! (Victory Demo)2.07 MB
On Stage Now! (Fujiyoshida - Takahara​Amusement Park)5.77 MB
This is no Time for Doubts (Map Select​BGM)1.59 MB
A Little More Until the Great Kanto​Destruction (Mid Demo BGM)2.31 MB
Angelia (Edogawa Underground - Giant​Drainage Ditch)6.41 MB
Close Sisters (Mid Demo BGM)3.46 MB
World End (Mt. Fuji - The Boundary of​the World)7.17 MB
The End of the Ambitions (Mid Demo BGM)3.08 MB
Peace is the Best (Ending)4.63 MB
A Lot Happened (Staff Roll)3.58 MB
I Want to Continue... (Continue)1.07 MB
How... (Game Over)0.43 MB
Arcana Heart 2 (long ver)8.50 MB
Heart Aino3.18 MB
Saki Tsuzura2.93 MB
Kamui Tokinomiya3.17 MB
Konoha3.88 MB
Maori Kasuga, Others4.18 MB
Mei-Fang, Others3.31 MB
Lilica Felchnerow3.54 MB
Lieselotte Achenbach3.72 MB
Yoriko Yasuzumi, Michelangelo5.33 MB
Kira Daidohji4.01 MB
Fiona Mayfield3.71 MB
Petra Johanna Lagerkvist, Others3.76 MB
Zenia Valov2.85 MB
Elsa La Conti, Others3.12 MB
Clarice Di Lanza, Others3.53 MB
Catherine Kyohbashi3.84 MB
Dorothy Albright, Others3.79 MB
Angelia Avallone, Others4.84 MB
System Voice0.78 MB