Download Anime OST album Alshark (X68000)

Album name: Alshark (X68000)
Total files: 40
Size: 180.39 MB

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Files Size
01_Prologue.mp36.05 MB
02_Alshark [Opening].mp35.36 MB
03_Salad Days [Planet Theme 1].mp34.98 MB
04_Cali! Earth [Planet Theme 2].mp35.98 MB
05_Empire [Planet Theme 3].mp33.49 MB
06_Sand Ocean [Planet Theme 4].mp33.90 MB
07_To End the Ordeal [Valley Cave].mp36.97 MB
08_Fire Field [Planet Theme 5].mp34.98 MB
09_Battle Buggy [Unused].mp35.30 MB
10_Next Journey [Planet Theme 6].mp34.60 MB
11_Charge! Tank Battler [Fleet Warfare].mp34.72 MB
12_Silent Satellite [Travel Theme].mp34.92 MB
13_Town Old Times [Town Theme 1].mp35.96 MB
14_Peaceful Day [Town Theme 2].mp34.72 MB
15_Sadness City [Town Theme 3].mp37.30 MB
16_Nice, aren't they, the people of Myuntos [Village of Myuntos].mp34.46 MB
17_Space Fortress Barubasu [Barubasu Visual 1].mp34.35 MB
18_Palace Wulia [Palace].mp34.37 MB
19_Chaw Snomu [Space Station].mp34.60 MB
20_Russel Geiyer [Enemy Ship].mp34.45 MB
21_Public Pub [Bar Theme].mp34.95 MB
22_Smaaaaash !! [Battle Theme].mp34.35 MB
23_Beast Bayden [Boss Battle].mp34.11 MB
24_Baptism of Death, and... [Visual 2].mp34.99 MB
25_Act 'Fighting [Visual 3].mp35.49 MB
26_Colonial Ship [Visual - Colony Ship 1].mp37.53 MB
27_Dark Shadow [Unused].mp35.34 MB
28_Overture of the One Entrusted with a Dying Wish [Visual - Colony Ship 2].mp35.63 MB
29_Star Terminal [Ending].mp37.19 MB
30_Shoko, My Love ~ Surely we must meet again [Staff Roll].mp36.56 MB
31_Buy! Bye! Darling [Shop].mp33.26 MB
32_Joe is No.1 [Joe's Theme].mp32.75 MB
33_Can a See Me [Conversation - Sadness].mp34.00 MB
34_Funny [Conversation - Rescue].mp3404.78 KB
35_Rush !! [Conversation - Assault].mp31.55 MB
36_Fear [Conversation - Crisis].mp32.61 MB
37_Lake Ruins [Conversation - Ordeal Clear].mp32.66 MB
38_Psycho [Conversation - Psycho] .mp34.20 MB
39_Fighting Joe [Conversation - Joe].mp3885.62 KB
40_Finish [Victory Theme].mp3329.77 KB