Download Anime OST album Albert Odyssey Gaiden ~Legend of Eldean~

Album name: Albert Odyssey Gaiden ~Legend of Eldean~
Total files: 54
Size: 158.90 MB

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Files Size
101 prologue.mp34.56 MB
102 opening 1.mp34.15 MB
103 adagio.mp31.50 MB
104 title.mp31.40 MB
105 main theme 1.mp33.76 MB
106 estranto.mp31.87 MB
107 mysterioso.mp32.87 MB
108 main theme 2.mp35.19 MB
109 solitude.mp33.07 MB
110 serenade.mp32.88 MB
111 aria.mp31.05 MB
112 sailing.mp3447.77 KB
113 game over.mp3243.75 KB
114 fin 1.mp3685.20 KB
115 embracing the memory.mp34.76 MB
116 overture to an end.mp32.99 MB
117 remembering those who have passed on.mp32.77 MB
118 assault.mp34.77 MB
119 badge of merit.mp31.44 MB
120 another loan.mp31.27 MB
121 ancient breath.mp32.65 MB
122 a gentle breeze on the plains.mp33.70 MB
123 palace of pleasure.mp33.37 MB
124 the flower capital.mp33.17 MB
125 guidance of magical light.mp32.37 MB
126 exceeding the limits.mp36.02 MB
201 in the gentle sunlight.mp33.09 MB
202 holy radiance.mp32.95 MB
203 a better appraisal.mp32.00 MB
204 bewildered soul.mp34.44 MB
205 from the other side of darkness.mp32.13 MB
206 descendant of the dragon.mp34.67 MB
207 at the end of the deep world.mp33.28 MB
208 heaven, resounding wings.mp33.08 MB
209 distant fortress.mp32.58 MB
210 the blue sky clears.mp32.80 MB
211 blessing of the earth and greenery.mp32.79 MB
212 invitation into darkness.mp32.80 MB
213 a violent sandstorm blows.mp33.45 MB
214 castle of the heavens.mp33.27 MB
215 fallen angel.mp35.98 MB
216 walking together.mp31.18 MB
217 prayer of the holy mother.mp34.16 MB
218 dancing water surface.mp33.85 MB
219 confusing road.mp33.17 MB
220 those who do not work, should not eat.mp32.89 MB
221 overflowing memories.mp31.92 MB
222 four great holy towers.mp33.19 MB
223 magic kingdom.mp32.49 MB
224 caught between hope and despair.mp34.67 MB
225 purification of the heart.mp31.75 MB
226 se digest.mp3767.80 KB
227 battle (arrange ver).mp35.76 MB
228 fin 2.mp3653.75 KB