Download Anime OST album Albert Odyssey 2

Album name: Albert Odyssey 2
Total files: 40
Size: 107.34 MB

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Files Size
01 sunsoft (sunsoft logo).mp3100.94 KB
02 the new hero's anthem (prologue).mp34.45 MB
03 into the distant sky (title).mp3608.34 KB
04 soaring (opening).mp33.10 MB
05 dirge of sorrow (event - sadness).mp35.89 MB
06 goth kingdom song -noble spirit of the lion king- (town b.mp35.32 MB
07 reflect upon the bitter experience (event - hard battle).....mp33.07 MB
08 quickening of the evil god (event - boss).mp32.25 MB
09 the goth knights' song -raise your sword- (event - the go.mp31.65 MB
10 seeking a meeting (field - prayer 1).mp34.19 MB
11 gathering comrades (event - interim).mp3338.42 KB
12 hero's home town (town bgm - tiberis).mp32.85 MB
13 shopping skill (shopping bgm).mp31.54 MB
14 children of the holy (event - tiberis church).mp31.39 MB
15 stir with hostility (field - enemy 1).mp32.50 MB
16 hope of the princess (event - princess yuna).mp33.36 MB
17 shadow of evil (event - crisis).mp31.04 MB
18 magical maiden of glacier (event - kuresha).mp31.14 MB
19 the silent earth (town bgm - coatroad, etc.).mp33.66 MB
20 swaying in the sea breeze (town bgm - mariuna, etc.).mp34.11 MB
21 journey (moving by ship).mp3232.12 KB
22 twilight capital (town bgm - vectaura, etc.).mp33.43 MB
23 calming chain (town bgm - akos, etc.).mp32.46 MB
24 wandering in the abyss (field - dungeon).mp33.19 MB
25 guardian spirit (guardian spirit image bgm).mp31.63 MB
26 treasure hunting (event - dash).mp31.59 MB
27 new sunlight (town bgm - bananteji, etc.).mp33.60 MB
28 blazing assault (field - enemy 2).mp33.57 MB
29 the hero's investigation (event - albert).mp32.93 MB
30 the hero and his companions (field - prayer 2).mp32.93 MB
31 good night sophia (inn bgm).mp3949.29 KB
32 land of the ice tree (field - prayer 3).mp32.91 MB
33 overflow with strength (level up).mp3202.61 KB
34 beautiful capital (town bgm - runotsa).mp32.54 MB
35 warrior's road (field - enemy 3).mp33.50 MB
36 requiem -warrior's gravestone- (game over).mp3635.89 KB
37 the mad dog lord of hell (field - big enemy).mp32.06 MB
38 transcend sadness... a new hope (ending).mp313.18 MB
39 overflowing emotion (epilogue).mp32.82 MB
40 be happy (end title).mp3361.38 KB