Download Anime OST album Akumajo Dracula X

Album name: Akumajo Dracula X
Total files: 44
Size: 121.53 MB

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Files Size
overture (introduction)1.63 MB
requiem (save game screen bgm)2.13 MB
bloodlines (stage 1 bgm)4.98 MB
vampire killer (stage 2 bgm)2.75 MB
cross a fear (stage 2 bgm)3.87 MB
bloody tears (stage 3 bgm)2.69 MB
cemetery (stage 3 bgm)3.76 MB
beginning (stage 4 bgm)3.71 MB
op.13 (stage 4 bgm)5.22 MB
picture of the ghost ship (stage 5 bgm)4.21 MB
slash (stage 5 bgm)2.22 MB
den (stage 7 bgm)4.78 MB
dancing in phantasmic hell (boss battle​theme bgm).mp2.40 MB
illusionary dance (stage 8 & dracula​battle theme).mp3.49 MB
march of the holy man (richter's ending​bgm)2.63 MB
mary samba (maria's ending bgm)2.94 MB
cross your heart (unused track)4.54 MB
the beating in the darkness (title bgm)0.35 MB
a vision of dark secrets (opening bgm)1.48 MB
bonds of brave men (player select bgm)1.07 MB
arduous journey (map bgm)0.35 MB
reincarnated soul (stage 1 bgm)3.01 MB
the sinking old sanctuary (stage 2 bgm)3.00 MB
the discolored wall (stage 3 bgm)2.73 MB
beginning (item bgm1)2.57 MB
bloody tears (item bgm2)2.43 MB
vampire killer (item bgm3)2.15 MB
after the good fight (game over bgm)0.22 MB
mysterious curse (password bgm)1.47 MB
iron-blue intention (stage 4 bgm)2.74 MB
the prayer of a tragic queen (stage 5​bgm)2.19 MB
calling from heaven (stage 6 bgm)3.66 MB
messenger from devil (mid-boss bgm)1.15 MB
nothing to lose (before first level boss​bgm)1.83 MB
the 6 servants of the devil (normal boss​bgm)1.95 MB
theme of simon (before dracula battle​bgm)3.10 MB
the vampire's stomach (dracula battle​bgm)1.69 MB
stage clear with the red crystal (stage​clear bgm).mp0.43 MB
together forever (ending demo bgm)2.82 MB
requiem for the nameless victims (staff​roll bgm)3.02 MB
moon fight (block 6 bgm1)4.72 MB
mother earth (ending bgm)4.43 MB
file load bgm3.89 MB
simon's theme (block 8 bgm)5.15 MB