Download Anime OST album Adventure Island, Super 2

Album name: Adventure Island, Super 2
Total files: 42
Size: 65.60 MB

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Files Size
01 sweet honeymoon (prologue).mp31.58 MB
02 the dark sorcerer appears!.mp3942.44 KB
03 memories of lightwaves ~ forgetfulness.mp31.92 MB
04 shotgun marriage ~ tina and the king.mp31.96 MB
05 the abduction ~ afterimage.mp31.73 MB
06 ''super adventure island 2'' title screen.mp31.00 MB
07 the adventure begins! (game start).mp31.39 MB
08 waku-waku island (castle throne).mp31.75 MB
09 master higgins makes a dream (island clear event theme).m....mp31.67 MB
09 master higgins makes a dream (island clear event theme).m.mp31.67 MB
10 world map (before).mp32.22 MB
11 fighting on the raft (battle theme).mp31.65 MB
12 end of adventure (game over).mp3111.83 KB
13 cove of nothingness 1.mp31.83 MB
14 cove of nothingness 2.mp31.55 MB
15 poka-poka island.mp33.82 MB
16 altar of magical spells.mp31.59 MB
17 boss bgm 1.mp31.87 MB
18 happy treasure (fanfare).mp3942.85 KB
19 martial law ~ the mysterious old man.mp31.41 MB
20 martial law ~ the mysterious old man (alternate).mp31.41 MB
21 hiya-hiya island.mp32.07 MB
22 boss bgm 2.mp32.48 MB
23 boa-boa island.mp31.53 MB
24 world map (after).mp31.86 MB
25 puka-puka island.mp32.31 MB
26 curly's casino ~ flash 'n cash (mini-game 1).mp31.95 MB
27 curly's casino ~ moneymaker (mini-game 2).mp32.14 MB
28 curly's casino ~ run for doe (mini-game 3).mp31.77 MB
29 curly's casino - win!.mp3158.36 KB
30 curly's casino - lose....mp369.79 KB
31 curly's casino - grand prize!.mp3149.38 KB
32 sala-sala island.mp31.84 MB
33 fuwa-fuwa island.mp32.31 MB
34 the decisive moment.mp31.35 MB
35 the dark sorcerer transforms....mp3938.36 KB
36 time for the showdown!! (final battle).mp32.10 MB
37 a moment of tranquility ~ recollection of past memories.m....mp31.90 MB
37 a moment of tranquility ~ recollection of past memories.m.mp31.90 MB
38 staff roll.mp32.68 MB