Download Anime OST album Adventure Island, Super 2

Album name: Adventure Island, Super 2
Total files: 40
Size: 65.60 MB

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Files Size
01 sweet honeymoon (prologue).mp31.59 MB
02 the dark sorcerer appears!.mp30.92 MB
03 memories of lightwaves ~​forgetfulness.mp31.93 MB
04 shotgun marriage ~ tina and the​king.mp31.96 MB
05 the abduction ~ afterimage.mp31.74 MB
06 ''super adventure island 2'' title​screen.mp31.00 MB
07 the adventure begins! (game​start).mp31.40 MB
08 waku-waku island (castle throne).mp31.75 MB
09 master higgins makes a dream (island​clear event theme).m....mp31.67 MB
09 master higgins makes a dream (island​clear event theme).m.mp31.67 MB
10 world map (before).mp32.23 MB
11 fighting on the raft (battle​theme).mp31.65 MB
12 end of adventure (game over).mp30.11 MB
13 cove of nothingness 1.mp31.84 MB
14 cove of nothingness 2.mp31.55 MB
15 poka-poka island.mp33.82 MB
16 altar of magical spells.mp31.60 MB
17 boss bgm 1.mp31.87 MB
18 happy treasure (fanfare).mp30.92 MB
19 martial law ~ the mysterious old​man.mp31.42 MB
20 martial law ~ the mysterious old man​(alternate).mp31.41 MB
21 hiya-hiya island.mp32.07 MB
22 boss bgm 2.mp32.48 MB
23 boa-boa island.mp31.54 MB
24 world map (after).mp31.87 MB
25 puka-puka island.mp32.31 MB
26 curly's casino ~ flash 'n cash​(mini-game 1).mp31.95 MB
27 curly's casino ~ moneymaker​(mini-game 2).mp32.14 MB
28 curly's casino ~ run for doe​(mini-game 3).mp31.77 MB
29 curly's casino - win!.mp30.15 MB
30 curly's casino - lose....mp30.07 MB
31 curly's casino - grand prize!.mp30.15 MB
32 sala-sala island.mp31.84 MB
33 fuwa-fuwa island.mp32.32 MB
34 the decisive moment.mp31.36 MB
35 the dark sorcerer transforms....mp30.92 MB
36 time for the showdown!! (final​battle).mp32.11 MB
37 a moment of tranquility ~​recollection of past memories.m....mp31.90 MB
37 a moment of tranquility ~​recollection of past memories.m.mp31.90 MB
38 staff roll.mp32.68 MB