Download Anime OST album A'deo Chronicle Original Soundtrack

Album name: A'deo Chronicle Original Soundtrack
Total files: 100
Size: 430.44 MB

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Files Size
01 Prelude.mp36.45 MB
02 Opening Theme.mp32.81 MB
03 Forest Clearing.mp34.54 MB
04 First Encounter -Battle Theme I-.mp35.15 MB
05 Merrill's Theme.mp33.47 MB
06 Thena.mp35.92 MB
07 The Spoils of Quests -Guild-.mp34.03 MB
08 Mission Briefing.mp32.60 MB
09 Faris Plains.mp38.28 MB
10 Shelba Forest.mp36.49 MB
100 Staff Roll.mp36.72 MB
11 Escape to Maniba.mp35.88 MB
12 Invasion -Defending Maniba-.mp34.01 MB
13 Boldly, Bravely, Fearlessly -Boss Battle I-.mp35.09 MB
14 Victory Fanfare.mp31.93 MB
15 The Mustlen Visionary -Jayen's Theme-.mp34.76 MB
16 Maniba.mp33.45 MB
17 Tension Grows -On the border #1-.mp31.17 MB
18 World Map I.mp32.74 MB
19 Nanza Valley.mp32.75 MB
20 Traveling Merchants.mp33.82 MB
21 Gabbad Checkpoint.mp32.35 MB
22 Diplomatic Meeting.mp34.76 MB
23 Snowfall -Uigaht Pass-.mp32.57 MB
24 The Lonely Citadel.mp32.91 MB
25 Crisis.mp34.61 MB
26 Dorin's Theme.mp36.51 MB
27 On the border #2.mp32.43 MB
28 To the Teeth With the Beast -Beast Battle-.mp34.76 MB
29 Melsam.mp34.41 MB
30 Suspicion.mp32.35 MB
31 Attack in the Night.mp34.38 MB
32 Celdon's Mansion.mp34.70 MB
33 Reila's Theme.mp33.46 MB
34 Plateau d'Lucia.mp32.67 MB
35 Wardance -Battle Theme II-.mp32.36 MB
36 The Elven Kingdom, Perossa.mp35.13 MB
37 Obsidian Paradise.mp34.35 MB
38 Swamps of Isthmus.mp34.42 MB
39 Dangerous Fight -Boss Battle II-.mp33.66 MB
40 Defeat.mp3267.98 KB
41 Sidhe.mp35.79 MB
42 National Anthem of Gabbad.mp32.52 MB
43 Reminiscence Of A Darkened Heart -Carran's Flashback-.mp31.22 MB
44 Great Library of Sidhe.mp33.33 MB
45 Assault of the Beasts.mp33.08 MB
46 Matthias Tirbold.mp35.63 MB
47 World Map II.mp36.50 MB
48 Traverse the Sky -Airship I-.mp36.10 MB
49 Gabbad.mp35.71 MB
50 Shane's Theme.mp33.37 MB
51 On the border #3.mp32.37 MB
52 Mort Highlands.mp34.31 MB
53 Hollow Lurkers in the Cold Shadows -The Artificial Forest-.mp33.15 MB
54 A Memento....mp31.96 MB
55 Factory in the Forest.mp310.17 MB
56 Laurina's Fate.mp35.00 MB
57 Aurumbren.mp34.48 MB
58 Aurumbren Mines.mp33.89 MB
59 Hatred Born of Crimson Red -Battle With Keiran-.mp37.27 MB
60 Keiran The Revengeful -Keiran's Theme-.mp31.54 MB
61 Jayen's Concerns.mp36.24 MB
62 Illabar Coast.mp34.74 MB
63 Evasive Wind -Battle Theme III-.mp36.54 MB
64 Moirai Dukedom.mp35.11 MB
65 Duke Moirai.mp34.79 MB
66 Respite -Keiran's Residence-.mp31.99 MB
67 On the border #4.mp31.77 MB
68 Michael Returns.mp32.77 MB
69 Battle Plans.mp32.94 MB
70 Defense of Moirai.mp31.19 MB
71 Critical Condition -Boss Battle III-.mp33.50 MB
72 Victory!.mp31.81 MB
73 Celebration.mp34.26 MB
74 Reila & Shane.mp34.05 MB
75 Michael's Theme.mp33.27 MB
76 Sleeping Forest -Deep-Hidden Woods.mp3505.16 KB
77 Mustle.mp34.57 MB
78 Industrus.mp36.25 MB
79 Carran's Theme.mp32.30 MB
80 Pulse of the Beasts.mp31.79 MB
81 Machine Graveyard.mp33.14 MB
82 The Artifact.mp32.65 MB
83 Battle With Matthias.mp34.47 MB
84 Death of Matthias.mp32.49 MB
85 Escape.mp33.67 MB
86 Resolve.mp35.46 MB
87 A Sky of Blood -Airship II-.mp37.35 MB
88 World Map III.mp34.42 MB
89 The Burning Plain.mp34.03 MB
90 Hold Your Guard! -Boss Battle IV-.mp33.07 MB
91 Dampened Reminiscence -Crumbling Ruined City of Mur-.mp35.62 MB
92 Battlefield of the Ancients.mp38.69 MB
93 Hearts of Fire -Final Dungeon-.mp36.30 MB
94 Ceremony.mp31.68 MB
95 Giant of Ages -Final Battle Part 1-.mp35.30 MB
96 Mother of the Beasts -Final Battle Part 2-.mp34.95 MB
97 Twisted Prayer.mp38.45 MB
98 The Fangs That Tear Apart the Eart -Final Battle Part 3-.mp312.86 MB
99 Ending Theme.mp312.45 MB