Download Anime OST album 30XX (Original Soundtrack)

Album name: 30XX (Original Soundtrack)
Total files: 39
Size: 94 MB

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Files MP3 FLAC
30XX (Main Theme) 2.02 MB
Embers Of Hope (Hub Theme) 1.76 MB
Blazing Nomad (Burning Temple) 2.67 MB
Bound By Duty (Burning Temple Boss) 1.51 MB
Prone To Wander (Burning Temple Victory) 1.06 MB
Hollows (Echocave) 3.34 MB
Abyssal Depths (Echocave Boss) 2.17 MB
Circadian Groove (Echocave Victory) 1.06 MB
Atomichron (Clockzone) 3.22 MB
Doomsday (Clockzone Boss) 1.48 MB
Time Will Tell (Clockzone Victory) 1.06 MB
Skybound (Highvault) 2.62 MB
Elysium (Highvault Boss) 1.69 MB
Ever Higher (Highvault Victory) 1.06 MB
Penance (Penumbra) 6.17 MB
Reckoning (Penumbra Boss) 1.48 MB
Rapture (Penumbra Victory) 1.22 MB
Fath0m (Deepverse) 3.07 MB
Ancient Circuitry (Deepverse Boss) 1.59 MB
Vaporware (Deepverse Victory) 1.31 MB
Millennium Spark (Firestorm BT MIX) 2.57 MB
Existential Shuffle (Identity Crisis EC ​MIX) 2.67 MB
Idle Architect (Main Theme Editor) 3.07 MB
Kerosene Fane (Burning Temple Editor) 3.07 MB
Mines At Dusk (Echocave Editor) 3.07 MB
Automata Fortress (Clockzone Editor) 3.07 MB
Wind City (Highvault Editor) 3.07 MB
Protovania (Penumbra Editor) 3.07 MB
ID 52 (Deepverse Editor) 3.07 MB
Fires Of Industry (Dustria) 3.15 MB
Innovations End (Dustria Boss) 1.67 MB
Clocked Out (Dustria Victory) 1.43 MB
Generation Rising (Spark Engine DR Mix) 2.71 MB
Skullsteam Factory (Dustria Editor) 3.07 MB
The Upside Drown (Watergrav) 2.54 MB
Fatal Attraction (Watergrav Boss) 1.66 MB
Top Of The World (Watergrav Victory) 1.66 MB
Midnight Sun (Permafrost WG Mix) 5.15 MB
Marine O - V (Watergrav Editor) 3.07 MB