image of anime Zoids Genesis

Zoids Genesis

Natural disasters have devastated planet Zi, killing off almost all life. A thousand years later humans have gradually re-established civilization, salvaging ancient Zoids through diving and mining efforts. In a village whose most previous item is a giant sword which they worship as a holy symbol. A teenage boy discovers an ancient Liger-type Zoid while on a deep water salvage operation. Suddenly the village is attacked by skeletal Bio-Zoids intent on stealing a powerful generator located in the village. Our teenage hero awakens the Liger and discovers that the town`s sacred sword is the Liger`s weapon, together they fight off the mysterious Bio-Zoids. At least for now...

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Also known as: Zoids Genesis, ゾイド ジェネシス

Genres: ActionAdventureComedyMechaMilitary

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[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 01[72FAD1E7].avi 8 231.7MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 02[CB74456E].avi 8 233.6MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 03[C607FDDD].avi 8 233.6MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 04[B0DF25B0].avi 8 233.6MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 05[4E459216].avi 8 151MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 06[DA87BDD1].avi 8 170.2MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 07[557700DB].avi 8 170.2MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 08[062EBBA1].avi 8 169.7MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 09[A71C66BC].avi 8 176.9MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 10[27161A23].avi 8 175.7MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 11[4D6BD845].avi 8 175.8MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 12[D2A83DBE].avi 8 171.9MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 13[77BDDC83].avi 8 169MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 14[00738B2A].avi 8 175.7MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 15[AA77D962].avi 8 175.5MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 16[922DBA86].avi 8 175.7MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 17[BD2EE139].avi 8 175.6MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 18[A2E16B58].avi 8 175.7MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 19[A68247A9].avi 8 175.7MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 20[706861B9].avi 8 175.7MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 21[7FE595AB].avi 8 175.7MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 22[D4450DE2].avi 8 175.9MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 23[3E411A71].avi 8 175.9MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 24[C4E5622D].avi 8 175.9MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 25[42062224].avi 8 175.9MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 26[F5DAEA51].avi 8 175.9MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 27[AB07D9A5].avi 8 175.9MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 28[D15BFA19].avi 8 176.5MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 29[E5C5BAEA].avi 8 175.9MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 30[DCCAA431].avi 8 175.9MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 31[9DCCACD3]CM.avi 8 179.1MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 32[2B8B3C04]CM.avi 8 185.5MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 33[F13D5A25].avi 8 182.9MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 34[E5DE0EFE].avi 8 175.9MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 35[DA6938F8].avi 8 182.4MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 36[3A61BDBB].avi 8 179.3MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 37[92403D7F].avi 8 175.9MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 38[9B4CF21B].avi 8 176MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 39[BD861A08].avi 8 176.3MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 40[5B2A4862].avi 8 176MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 41[913ACE2A].avi 8 175.9MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 42[B632EF9A].avi 8 176MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 43[A3A49EF5].avi 8 172.8MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 44[9B39F3B6].avi 8 176MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 45[7381952D].avi 8 175.9MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 46[A8AAC005].avi 8 175.9MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 47[C3E5C322]andCM.avi 8 182.7MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 48[529E3FC3]andCM.avi 8 178.9MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 49[ADD80635].avi 8 175.9MB
[T-N]Zoids Genesis - 50[E9A8FA16].avi 8 175.7MB

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