image of anime Zoids Fuzors

Zoids Fuzors

R.D. is a delivery boy who works for a company called Mach Storm in order to earn money to search for the legendary Alpha Zoid. A Zoid that he heard rumours about from his dad that he passionately believes in. Mach Storm also doubles as a Zoid Battling team. In R.D.'s first Coliseum Zoid Battle, he encounters a team that can fuse Zoids. R.D. soon discovers that he has a Zoid that can computably fuse with his Zoid, Liger Zero. After this happens R.D.'s adventure to discover the truth about the Alpha Zoid begins.

(Source: ANN)

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Also known as: Zoids Fuzors, ゾイド・フューザーズ

Genres: AdventureMechaSci-FiShounen

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Zoids.Fuzors.Episode.03.Enter.the.Fire.Phoenix.(Part.One).avi 1 233.6MB
Zoids.Fuzors.Episode.04.Fuzors.Combine!.Liger.Zero.Phoenix.(Part.Two).avi 1 234.1MB
Zoids.Fuzors.Episode.05.The.Kid.Called.Matt.avi 1 233.2MB 1 234.4MB
Zoids.Fuzors.Episode.07.The.Unseen.Enemy!.(Part.One).avi 1 232.4MB
Zoids.Fuzors.Episode.08.Blue.Lightning.(Part.Two).avi 1 232.1MB
Zoids.Fuzors.Episode.09.Good.Work,.Peace.Keeping.Bureau.avi 1 230.3MB
Zoids.Fuzors.Episode.10.Visitor.from.the.Past.avi 1 230.6MB
Zoids.Fuzors.Episode.11.Brutal.Battle.Royal.avi 1 233MB
Zoids.Fuzors.Episode.12.Matt.Battled.RD.(Part.One).avi 1 233MB
Zoids.Fuzors.Episode.13.Three.Team.Face.Off.(Part.Two).avi 1 234MB
Zoids.Fuzors.Episode.14.Awakening.of.the.Evil.Dragon.avi 1 234MB
Zoids.Fuzors.Episode.15.Lost.Wings.(Part.Two).avi 1 230.6MB
Zoids.Fuzors.Episode.16.A.New.Friend.(Part.Three).avi 1 230.9MB 1 230.7MB
Zoids.Fuzors.Episode.18.Glory.for.the.Man.avi 1 230.7MB 1 230.1MB
Zoids.Fuzors.Episode.20.Evolution.avi 1 230.9MB
Zoids.Fuzors.Episode.21.The.Water's.Surface.and.The.Under.Current.avi 1 230.9MB
Zoids.Fuzors.Episode.22.Reckless.Destroyer.King.avi 1 230.9MB
Zoids.Fuzors.Episode.23.The.End.of.Mach.Storm.avi 1 230.3MB
Zoids.Fuzors.Episode.24.The.Legendary.Zoid.avi 1 230.6MB
Zoids.Fuzors.Episode.25.Showdown.avi 1 230.1MB
Zoids.Fuzors.Episode.26.Blue.Skies.Over.Planet.Zi.avi 1 230.6MB
Zoids Fuzors.Episode.01.Knockover.on.Planet.Zi.avi 1 233.3MB
Zoids Fuzors.Episode.02.1 1=.avi 1 233.3MB

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