image of anime Zettai Shonen

Zettai Shonen

Oftentimes, people are most vulnerable when they are lonely and unable to get along with those around them. Isolation is felt more keenly amongst a crowd, so some will try to find solace in the strangest of places, where the unknown lurks. Such people include Ayumu Aizawa, a former city boy now living in the countryside of Tana, and Kisa Tanigawa, a young girl who has a hard time relating to others. What these two share in common is a feeling that their life has gone astray.

Zettai Shounen tells a story of strange phenomena affecting two different settings, with no explanations of their origin or sudden appearance. All that is known is that these phenomena seem to center on individuals with mixed emotions toward themselves and others.

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Also known as: 絶対少年, Absolute Boy, Zettai Shonen

Genres: DramaFantasyMysterySci-Fi

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[Jumonji-Giri] [Triad] Zettai Shonen Ep01 (a62ce438).mkv 8 292.9MB
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[Jumonji-Giri] [Triad] Zettai Shonen Ep03 (6dfea066).mkv 8 294.3MB
[Jumonji-Giri] [Triad] Zettai Shonen Ep04v2 (0cbed05b).mkv 8 288.2MB
[Jumonji-Giri] [Triad] Zettai Shonen Ep05 (8f4a9f68).mkv 8 278MB
[Jumonji-Giri] [Triad] Zettai Shonen Ep06 (82a39590).mkv 8 293.5MB
[Jumonji-Giri] [Triad] Zettai Shonen Ep07 (e1782ec8).mkv 8 260.6MB
[Jumonji-Giri] [Triad] Zettai Shonen Ep08 (3120cea4).mkv 8 264.7MB
[Jumonji-Giri] [Triad] Zettai Shonen Ep09 (bf3e8861).mkv 8 284.8MB
[Jumonji-Giri] [Triad] Zettai Shonen Ep10 (461f8c61).mkv 8 278.5MB
[Jumonji-Giri] [Triad] Zettai Shonen Ep11 (30d34e81).mkv 8 274.5MB
[Jumonji-Giri] [Triad] Zettai Shonen Ep12 (b054ef0b).mkv 8 280.5MB
[Jumonji-Giri] [Triad] Zettai Shonen Ep13 (e9119d03).mkv 8 254.1MB
[Jumonji-Giri] [Triad] Zettai Shonen Ep14 (ecb8f343).mkv 8 265.8MB
[Jumonji-Giri] [Triad] Zettai Shonen Ep15 (ef66017b).mkv 8 255MB
[Jumonji-Giri] [Triad] Zettai Shonen Ep16 (845c9b16).mkv 8 266.8MB
[Jumonji-Giri] [Triad] Zettai Shonen Ep17 (4651bcce).mkv 8 239.9MB
[Jumonji-Giri] [Triad] Zettai Shonen Ep18 (e254df43).mkv 8 267.3MB
[Jumonji-Giri] [Triad] Zettai Shonen Ep19 (7e43283c).mkv 8 259.1MB
[Jumonji-Giri] [Triad] Zettai Shonen Ep20 (bbda09dd).mkv 8 248.2MB
[Jumonji-Giri] [Triad] Zettai Shonen Ep21 (8c429ec7).mkv 8 246.5MB
[Jumonji-Giri] [Triad] Zettai Shonen Ep22 (c176ab9a).mkv 8 251.5MB
[Jumonji-Giri] [Triad] Zettai Shonen Ep23 (280e84a6).mkv 8 279.9MB
[Jumonji-Giri] [Triad] Zettai Shonen Ep24 (536af3ee).mkv 8 258.3MB
[Jumonji-Giri] [Triad] Zettai Shonen Ep25 (b7057cf1).mkv 8 260.8MB
[Jumonji-Giri] [Triad] Zettai Shonen Ep26 (6837d168).mkv 8 269.4MB

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