image of anime Wild Arms

Wild Arms

This anime is based on a playstation game under the same title. The story is about four people who travel the desolated land of Filgaea and carve themselves a legendary story while they're at it. These adventurers are Sheyenne Rainstorm, a gunslinger who holds the legendary weapon called ARMs; Kiel Aromax, a scientist who looks like he should be carrying a sword; Roleta Oratorio the Crest Sorceress, a magic-user who uses cards called Crests to cast spells; and Mirabelle Graceland, one of the Noble Red, which are a family of vampiric creatures who live alongside human beings They also travel with cute little intelligent furry things, from the Popepi Pipepo Tribe, named Isaac and Jerusha.

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Also known as: Wild Arms, ワイルドアームズ トワイライトヴェノム

Genres: ActionSci-FiAdventureMagicVampireFantasy

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[LIME] Wild Arms 01.mkv 8 221.8MB
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[LIME] Wild Arms 03.mkv 8 222.7MB
[LIME] Wild Arms 04.mkv 8 228.1MB
[LIME] Wild Arms 05.mkv 8 230.1MB
[LIME] Wild Arms 06v2.mkv 8 226.8MB
[LIME] Wild Arms 07.mkv 8 235.1MB
[LIME] Wild Arms 08.mkv 8 229.2MB
[LIME] Wild Arms 09.mkv 8 228.2MB
[LIME] Wild Arms 10.mkv 8 228.5MB
[LIME] Wild Arms 11.mkv 8 237.3MB
[LIME] Wild Arms 12.mkv 8 229.8MB
[LIME] Wild Arms 13.mkv 8 247.9MB
[LIME] Wild Arms 14.mkv 8 243.6MB
[LIME] Wild Arms 15.mkv 8 231.9MB
[LIME] Wild Arms 16.mkv 8 231.9MB
[LIME] Wild Arms 17.mkv 8 229.1MB
[LIME] Wild Arms 18.mkv 8 228.7MB
[LIME] Wild Arms 19.mkv 8 229.9MB
[LIME] Wild Arms 20.mkv 8 229.4MB
[LIME] Wild Arms 21.mkv 8 230.4MB
[LIME] Wild Arms 22.mkv 8 228.4MB

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