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Wedding Peach

There are three known worlds—the human world, the angel world, and the devil world. The evil queen Raindevilla yearns to destroy the angel world with help or her many devil minions. The goddess Aphrodite sends an angel to the human world, Limone, to summon three love angels in the form of three school girls, Momoko Hanasaki, Yuri Tanima, and Hinagiku Tamano, who together become Angel Lilly, Angel Daisy, and Wedding Peach. The three girls must fight to overcome the evils of the devils, as well as their own lives, and restore peace to the angel world by gathering all pieces of the Sacred Four Somethings (or Saint Something Four) and defeat the evil queen once and for all.

(Source: ANN)

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Also known as: Wedding Peach, Legend of the Angel of Love - Wedding Peach, 愛天使伝説 ウェディングピーチ

Genres: AdventureMagicComedyRomanceShoujo

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Wedding Peach 22[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][61E6ED0D].mkv 8 300.1MB
Wedding Peach 23[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][AFB5F3F4].mkv 8 328.1MB
Wedding Peach 24[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][E4CE1BEB].mkv 8 319.5MB
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Wedding Peach 28[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][BED5F986].mkv 8 313.5MB
Wedding Peach 29[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][04B34F23].mkv 8 360.5MB
Wedding Peach 30[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][EA2E069B].mkv 8 340.6MB
Wedding Peach 31[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][24D36AEC].mkv 8 363.3MB
Wedding Peach 32[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][1D3098B2].mkv 8 375.7MB
Wedding Peach 33[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][34CF985B].mkv 8 407.8MB
Wedding Peach 34[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][DA41D88E].mkv 8 391.4MB
Wedding Peach 35[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][7D025237].mkv 8 424.5MB
Wedding Peach 36[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][BA4C09D4].mkv 8 399.4MB
Wedding Peach 37[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][39F6D168].mkv 8 353.3MB
Wedding Peach 38[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][54B2BAC4].mkv 8 335.8MB
Wedding Peach 39[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][3828A3F8].mkv 8 315.1MB
Wedding Peach 40[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][1E6AD4DA].mkv 8 360MB
Wedding Peach 41[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][A8B53F70].mkv 8 392.7MB
Wedding Peach 42[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][DD796A09].mkv 8 362.7MB
Wedding Peach 43[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][879F6791].mkv 8 350.2MB
Wedding Peach 44[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][95CFEA37].mkv 8 332.5MB
Wedding Peach 45[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][56F4663A].mkv 8 322.7MB
Wedding Peach 46[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][3907E7FC].mkv 8 375.7MB
Wedding Peach 47[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][EE70D691].mkv 8 303.1MB
Wedding Peach 48[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][4EB0B257].mkv 8 335.6MB
Wedding Peach 49[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][911359E3].mkv 8 331MB
Wedding Peach 50[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][0F727BAE].mkv 8 361.7MB
Wedding Peach 51[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][48BEF426].mkv 8 340.2MB
WEDDING PEACH DX 01[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][B115C2B4].mkv 8 334.1MB
WEDDING PEACH DX 02[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][4C02F6D3].mkv 8 289.3MB
WEDDING PEACH DX 03[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][E71A5D6F].mkv 8 299.6MB
WEDDING PEACH DX 04[10bit-h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][4FA6B7F4].mkv 8 315MB

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