image of anime Venus Versus Virus

Venus Versus Virus

Venus Versus Virus follows regular schoolgirl Sumire who's had the ability to see ghosts since a young age. She tells friends and family about this fact and they just dismiss it, thinking she's a liar. A chance encounter with a broach flying out of nowhere, a monster and gothloli clad monster killer named Lucia leaves her with a life changing decision to use her ability and fight against these "viruses" feeding upon the human race. (Source: AnimeNewsService)

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Also known as: Venus Versus Virus, ヴィーナス ヴァーサス ヴァイアラス, Venus vs. Virus

Genres: DramaRomanceSupernatural

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[Anime-RG] Venus Versus Virus - 01 [WS][4AC4E600].mkv 8 171.1MB
[Anime-RG] Venus Versus Virus - 02 [WS][46BF4FA6].mkv 8 174.3MB
[Anime-RG] Venus Versus Virus - 03 [WS][DB85593C].mkv 8 173.7MB
[Anime-RG] Venus Versus Virus - 04 [WS][C62CA289].mkv 8 182.2MB
[Anime-RG] Venus Versus Virus - 05 [WS][6C9A6A2A].mkv 8 162.3MB
[Anime-RG] Venus Versus Virus - 06 [WS][6ABB95B3].mkv 8 172.2MB
[Anime-RG] Venus Versus Virus - 07 [WS][4E9DB4FA].mkv 8 172.1MB
[Anime-RG] Venus Versus Virus - 08 [WS][A1F11FA0].mkv 8 172.4MB
[Anime-RG] Venus Versus Virus - 09 [WS][0151C8DD].mkv 8 170.9MB
[Anime-RG] Venus Versus Virus - 10 [WS][3378BEA4].mkv 8 172.8MB
[Anime-RG] Venus Versus Virus - 11 [WS][D5BD2E3D].mkv 8 173.4MB
[Anime-RG] Venus Versus Virus - 12 [End][WS][39E8BC87].mkv 8 169.3MB

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