image of anime Ultraviolet: Code 044

Ultraviolet: Code 044

044 becomes the strongest female soldier excelling in combat through gene manipulation using a virus. However, in exchange for her abilities, her days become numbered. The next mission of the government is to destroy a bloodthirsty squad, Phage, and its leader King. In her battle, she encounters a Phage soldier, Luka, and finds herself unable to kill him. She wonders why, but as a result, Daxus Jr., the leader of the government group, regards her as a traitor. She is targeted by both Phage and the government, and she runs away with the injured Luka.

(Source: ANN)

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Also known as: Ultraviolet: Code 044, Ultraviolet:Code044, ウルトラヴァイオレットコード044

Genres: ActionSci-Fi

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24225-episode-001-setting-off....avi 1 167MB
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24227-episode-003-recovery-directive.mp4 1 230.3MB
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[KiteSeekers] Ultraviolet Code 044 - 06 [H264 848x480] [48F2B55D].mkv 1 218.9MB
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[KiteSeekers] Ultraviolet Code 044 - 10 [H264 848x480] [415F4858].mkv 1 218.8MB
[KiteSeekers] Ultraviolet Code 044 - 11 [H264 848x480] [088F245B].mkv 1 218.9MB
[KiteSeekers] Ultraviolet Code 044 - 12 [H264 848x480] [4DA0A5AE].mkv 1 214.2MB
[RMN-KSN] Ultraviolet Code 044 - 05 [1280x720][6226635C].mp4 1 230.2MB

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