image of anime Transformers BeastWars & BeastMachines

Transformers BeastWars & BeastMachines

Haruka and Sora Kasugano are coming home, to a place filled with memories.

Having lost their parents in a tragic car accident, the twins resolve to return to the countryside and start life anew at their grandfather's house, the haunt a constant reminder of moments from their past. Greeting them are childhood friends Nao Yorihime and Akira Amatsume, and newcomer Kazuha Migiwa. It is a warm welcome, symbolic of the days that should come.

Their peace is merely ephemeral, however, as suppressed emotions, born from vows both newfound and forgotten, start exerting their influence on the twins' new lives. And deep down, a dark secret, only known to them, begins to unshackle.

Based on the visual novel by Sphere, Yosuga no Sora not only explores the power of lost memories and true love when the bonds of many become intertwined, but also raises the questions of morality and social acceptance.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

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Also known as: Yosuga no Sora, Sky of Connection, ヨスガノソラ In solitude, where we are least alone.

Genres: DramaEcchiHaremRomance

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[TFSub][Transformers BeastMachines][01][重新格式化].mkv 8 320.7MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastMachines][02][霸主].mkv 8 303.2MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastMachines][03][记忆之火].mkv 8 363.1MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastMachines][04][身不由己].mkv 8 335.5MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastMachines][05][禁果].mkv 8 338.1MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastMachines][06][乘人之危].mkv 8 330.4MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastMachines][07][启示录(上)].mkv 8 332.5MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastMachines][08][启示录(中)].mkv 8 352.8MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastMachines][09][启示录(下)].mkv 8 300.7MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastMachines][10][幸存者].mkv 8 314.2MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastMachines][11][钥匙].mkv 8 391.7MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastMachines][12][催化剂].mkv 8 327MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastMachines][13][穷途末路].mkv 8 333MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastMachines][14][末日余生].mkv 8 395MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastMachines][15][野蛮与尊贵].mkv 8 310.2MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastMachines][16][自由的普罗米修斯].mkv 8 292.4MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastMachines][17][暗夜骑士].mkv 8 328MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastMachines][18][心魔作乱].mkv 8 372.3MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastMachines][19][故土].mkv 8 386.9MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastMachines][20][火种之战(上)].mkv 8 392.8MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastMachines][21][火种之战(中)].mkv 8 323.6MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastMachines][22][火种之战(下)].mkv 8 336.5MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastMachines][23][黑暗的火种].mkv 8 363.1MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastMachines][24][急转直下].mkv 8 312.5MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastMachines][25][传说破灭].mkv 8 373.3MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastMachines][26][未来的种子].mkv 8 376.8MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][00][金盘失窃].mkv 8 188.9MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][01][野兽之战(上)].mkv 8 411.7MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][02][野兽之战(下)].mkv 8 434.1MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][03][蛛网].mkv 8 377MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][04][一脉相连].mkv 8 449.3MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][05][接任之争].mkv 8 436MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][06][能量巨涌].mkv 8 509.3MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][07][新的同伴].mkv 8 345.1MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][08][双重间谍].mkv 8 426.6MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][09][高级捕鼠器].mkv 8 433MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][10][猩猩出战].mkv 8 423.7MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][11][时间探针].mkv 8 444.5MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][12][凯旋].mkv 8 386.8MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][13][黑暗面].mkv 8 432.3MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][14][真假恐龙].mkv 8 371.1MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][15][火种].mkv 8 467.3MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][16][一触即发(上)].mkv 8 418.7MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][17][一触即发(下)].mkv 8 462.8MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][18][蜘蛛的游戏].mkv 8 412.6MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][19][原始的呼声].mkv 8 376.8MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][20][黑暗之旅].mkv 8 421MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][21][恶灵附体].mkv 8 393MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][22][地道].mkv 8 455.9MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][23][丛林法则].mkv 8 430.2MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][24][风暴前夕].mkv 8 391.4MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][25][天外来客(上)].mkv 8 417.8MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][26][天外来客(下)].mkv 8 493.8MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][27][劫后余波].mkv 8 416.5MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][28][融合变体(上)].mkv 8 372.1MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][29][融合变体(下)].mkv 8 445.8MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][30][心网].mkv 8 424.7MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][31][背叛].mkv 8 319.8MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][32][访客降临(上)].mkv 8 401.8MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][33][访客降临(下)].mkv 8 444MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][34][孽种].mkv 8 397.8MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][35][英雄无悔].mkv 8 401.4MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][36][变异变体].mkv 8 403.2MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][37][议程(上)].mkv 8 409.9MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][38][议程(中)].mkv 8 345.1MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][39][议程(下)].mkv 8 430.4MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][40][最高危机].mkv 8 423.5MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][41][固执的急先锋].mkv 8 360.9MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][42][换岗].mkv 8 355.3MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][43][生死关头].mkv 8 460.1MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][44][野性的嚎叫(上)].mkv 8 371.9MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][45][野性的嚎叫(下)].mkv 8 407.1MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][46][真假立场].mkv 8 445.9MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][47][出奇制胜].mkv 8 479.2MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][48][铤而走险].mkv 8 382.7MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][49][核心爆裂].mkv 8 384.8MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][50][故人归来].mkv 8 507.2MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][51][报应(上)].mkv 8 376.2MB
[TFSub][Transformers BeastWars][52][报应(下)].mkv 8 423.8MB

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