image of anime Tonikaku Kawaii 2nd Season

Tonikaku Kawaii 2nd Season

In the wake of their first home burning down, Nasa and Tsukasa Yuzaki are seeking temporary shelter at the Arisugawas′ bathhouse. Though they have only been married for a short time, their relationship has only become sweeter by the day. Nasa is determined to spend as much time with his wife as possible, basking in the happiness of their marriage.

The newlyweds find new ways to explore their relationship. From adopting a cat, going to an amusement park, and even watching an impromptu romantic comedy featuring Nasa′s former teacher, every day is a new experience. But while Tsukasa continues to meet the people in Nasa′s life, Nasa has yet to meet more of Tsukasa′s family. Though they appear to be the picture-perfect couple to everyone around them, Nasa begins to wonder if he will ever learn more about his wife′s mysterious past.

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Also known as: TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You Season 2, トニカクカワイイ

Genres: ComedyRomance

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[Erai-raws] Tonikaku Kawaii 2nd Season - 01 [1080p][HEVC][Multiple Subtitle][555ED875].mkv 1 251.7MB
[Erai-raws] Tonikaku Kawaii 2nd Season - 02 [1080p][HEVC][Multiple Subtitle][116C8F74].mkv 1 317.9MB
[Erai-raws] Tonikaku Kawaii 2nd Season - 03 [1080p][HEVC][Multiple Subtitle][CEF6406B].mkv 1 422.7MB
[Erai-raws] Tonikaku Kawaii 2nd Season - 04 [1080p][HEVC][Multiple Subtitle][6EADCC99].mkv 1 372.1MB
[Erai-raws] Tonikaku Kawaii 2nd Season - 05 [1080p][HEVC][Multiple Subtitle][E439D0E0].mkv 1 352MB
[Erai-raws] Tonikaku Kawaii 2nd Season - 06 [1080p][HEVC][Multiple Subtitle][E5AD0DF0].mkv 1 445.3MB
[Erai-raws] Tonikaku Kawaii 2nd Season - 07 [1080p][HEVC][Multiple Subtitle][8AFA2AAA].mkv 1 313.1MB
[Erai-raws] Tonikaku Kawaii 2nd Season - 08 [1080p][HEVC][Multiple Subtitle][001FC833].mkv 1 366MB
[Erai-raws] Tonikaku Kawaii 2nd Season - 09 [1080p][HEVC][Multiple Subtitle][AEE1BF65].mkv 1 369.8MB
[Erai-raws] Tonikaku Kawaii 2nd Season - 10 [1080p][HEVC][Multiple Subtitle][8022D13B].mkv 1 322.5MB
[Erai-raws] Tonikaku Kawaii 2nd Season - 11 [1080p][HEVC][Multiple Subtitle][BDC4D266].mkv 1 261.9MB
[Erai-raws] Tonikaku Kawaii 2nd Season - 12 [1080p][HEVC][Multiple Subtitle][5D317F43].mkv 1 325.8MB
[Erai-raws] Tonikaku Kawaii 2nd Season - Seifuku [1080p][HEVC][Multiple Subtitle][ABCBC27C].mkv 1 319.5MB

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