image of anime The Ones Within

The Ones Within

Iride Akatsuki has unlocked hidden content in the game he's playing, 'Nakanohito Genome,' and it turns out that this content is a real-life game! He soon wakes up to find that he has been kidnapped and taken to a strange place, along with a number of other teammates. Each of them specializes in a certain sort of game, like cultivation games, fighting games, puzzle games, etc. A llama-headed 'teacher' gathers them after level 1 is cleared to explain how the game will proceed. Will this group of gamers succeed, and make it back to their real lives? (Source: MangaHelpers)

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Also known as: The Ones Within, ナカノヒトゲノム【実況中】, Naka no Hito Genome [Jikkyouchuu]

Genres: GameComedyDrama

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Files Server Size
S01E01-Are We Friends.mkv 8 458.3MB
S01E02-BORN THIS WAY.mkv 8 444.7MB
S01E04-Daydream and Nightmare.mkv 8 439.6MB
S01E05-DUSK AND DAWN.mkv 8 362.3MB
S01E06-Erase My Reality.mkv 8 436.6MB
S01E07-Footsteps Outside.mkv 8 422.4MB
S01E10-HOLD ON AND LET GO.mkv 8 354.7MB
S01E11-ISOLATED SOUL.mkv 8 438.4MB
S01E12-JOURNEY GOES ON.mkv 8 400.3MB
S01OVA-Fish or Mashroom.mkv 8 453.2MB

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