image of anime The Hakkenden

The Hakkenden

"During the blood-soaked feudal wars of Japan, the Awa clan faced certain extinction from a rival clan backed by demonic forces. Their clan's salvation becomes a curse when the family dog brings back the head of the enemy warlord but insists upon marrying the lord's daughter! This unnatural union bears fruit, but they are killed; and their eight unborn pups reincarnate as the eight Dog Warriors - The Hakkenden. The eight reincarnated souls travel their separate paths of violence and retribution, but slowly they come together as a formidable group representing the eight virtues of the bushido to slay the demons and redeem their clan!"

(Source: DVD Complete Series Back Cover)

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Also known as: The Hakkenden: Legend of the Dog Warriors, THE 八犬伝

Genres: ActionAdventureHistoricalDemonsMartial ArtsSamuraiShounen

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The Hakkenden - 01v2 - The Kaleidoscope (Dual Audio) [DS76].mkv 1 349.5MB
The Hakkenden - 02 - Dark Music of the Gods (Dual Audio) [DS76].mkv 1 349.9MB
The Hakkenden - 03 - The Futility Dance (Dual Audio) [DS76].mkv 1 349.4MB
The Hakkenden - 04 - Horyu Tower (Dual Audio) [DS76].mkv 1 349.3MB
The Hakkenden - 05 - Demon's Melody (Dual Audio) [DS76].mkv 1 349.1MB
The Hakkenden - 06 - The Cicada Spirit Cry (Dual Audio) [DS76].mkv 1 349.4MB

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