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Tetsujin 28-go

In post-WWII Japan, Prof. Shikishima has built up Shikishima Industries to be a technological powerhouse, working on developing robots. However, at the heart of their success lurks a dark secret from the war, something that cost the life of Prof. Kaneda, the mentor of Prof. Shikishima. Now Kaneda's son, Shoutarou, is about to learn the truth, and it will change him forever.

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Also known as: Tetsujin 28, Tetsujin 28-go (2004), 鉄人28号 (2004)

Genres: Sci-FiAdventureHistoricalDramaMechaShounen

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Files Server Size
1-01 Gigantor (US) S01E01 Struggle at the South Pole.m4v 8 161MB
1-02 Gigantor (US) S01E02 Battle at the Bottom of the World.m4v 8 159.4MB
1-03 Gigantor (US) S01E03 Sting of the Spider.m4v 8 159.5MB
1-04 Gigantor (US) S01E04 Return of the Spider.m4v 8 155.3MB
1-05 Gigantor (US) S01E05 Spider's Revenge.m4v 8 159.4MB
1-06 Gigantor (US) S01E06 The Secret Valley.m4v 8 160.8MB
1-07 Gigantor (US) S01E07 The Diamond Smugglers.m4v 8 157.3MB
1-08 Gigantor (US) S01E08 Dangerous Doctor Diamond.m4v 8 158.1MB
1-09 Gigantor (US) S01E09 Force of Terror.m4v 8 157.1MB
1-10 Gigantor (US) S01E10 World in Danger.m4v 8 155.3MB
1-11 Gigantor (US) S01E11 Badge of Danger.m4v 8 157.2MB
1-12 Gigantor (US) S01E12 The Smoke Robots.m4v 8 157.8MB
1-13 Gigantor (US) S01E13 The Freezer Ray.m4v 8 158.9MB
1-14 Gigantor (US) S01E14 The Magic Multiplier.m4v 8 159.4MB
1-15 Gigantor (US) S01E15 The Submarine Base.m4v 8 157.8MB
1-16 Gigantor (US) S01E16 Treasure Mountain.m4v 8 159.3MB
1-17 Gigantor (US) S01E17 The Mystery Missile.m4v 8 152.6MB
1-18 Gigantor (US) S01E18 The Giant Cobra.m4v 8 160.7MB
1-19 Gigantor (US) S01E19 The Great Hunt.m4v 8 153.2MB
1-20 Gigantor (US) S01E20 The Deadly Web.m4v 8 160.8MB
1-21 Gigantor (US) S01E21 The Atomic Flame.m4v 8 156.9MB
1-22 Gigantor (US) S01E22 The Incredible Speed Machine.m4v 8 159.5MB
1-23 Gigantor (US) S01E23 The Monster Magnet.m4v 8 155.8MB
1-24 Gigantor (US) S01E24 Target Jupiter.m4v 8 159.7MB
1-25 Gigantor (US) S01E25 Trap at 20 Fathoms.m4v 8 156.1MB
1-26 Gigantor (US) S01E26 Monsters from the Deep.m4v 8 158.7MB
2-27 Gigantor (US) S02E27 Will the Real Gigantor Stand Up .m4v 8 161.7MB
2-28 Gigantor (US) S02E28 Ten Thousand Gigantors.m4v 8 158.8MB
2-29 Gigantor (US) S02E29 The Plot to Seize Gigantor.m4v 8 158.6MB
2-30 Gigantor (US) S02E30 The Space Submarine.m4v 8 155.8MB
2-31 Gigantor (US) S02E31 Gigantor Who .m4v 8 154.6MB
2-32 Gigantor (US) S02E32 The Robot Olympics.m4v 8 153.5MB
2-33 Gigantor (US) S02E33 The Crossbones Caper.m4v 8 152.7MB
2-34 Gigantor (US) S02E34 Ransom at Point X.m4v 8 163.6MB
2-35 Gigantor (US) S02E35 The Gypsy Spaceship.m4v 8 154.4MB
2-36 Gigantor (US) S02E36 The Space Cats.m4v 8 160.1MB
2-37 Gigantor (US) S02E37 Return of Magnaman.m4v 8 164.2MB
2-38 Gigantor (US) S02E38 Vanishing Mountain.m4v 8 156.3MB
2-39 Gigantor (US) S02E39 The Insect Monsters.m4v 8 152.3MB
2-40 Gigantor (US) S02E40 The City Smashers.m4v 8 153.4MB
2-41 Gigantor (US) S02E41 The Robot Firebird.m4v 8 153.9MB
2-42 Gigantor (US) S02E42 Magnaman of Outer Space.m4v 8 164.4MB
2-43 Gigantor (US) S02E43 The Robot Albatross.m4v 8 154.8MB
2-44 Gigantor (US) S02E44 Battle of the Robot Giants.m4v 8 166.3MB
2-45 Gigantor (US) S02E45 The Deadly Sting Rays.m4v 8 159.5MB
2-46 Gigantor (US) S02E46 Gigantor and the Desert Fire.m4v 8 151.8MB
2-47 Gigantor (US) S02E47 The Atomic Whale.m4v 8 154.7MB
2-48 Gigantor (US) S02E48 The Secret Formula Robbery.m4v 8 166.7MB
2-49 Gigantor (US) S02E49 The Evil Robot Brain.m4v 8 157.8MB
2-50 Gigantor (US) S02E50 The Devil Gantry.m4v 8 154.9MB
2-51 Gigantor (US) S02E51 The Robot Arsenal.m4v 8 154.5MB
2-52 Gigantor (US) S02E52 Danger's Dinosaurs.m4v 8 158.5MB

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