image of anime Taishou Otome Otogibanashi

Taishou Otome Otogibanashi

Self-styled pessimist Tamahiko Shima lives alone in the mountains of Chiba after losing the use of his right hand in the same car accident that took his mother's life. Deemed incapable by his father and other wealthy relatives, he has been forced into exile; he experiences idle days of reading and sleepless nights of irrepressible angst. True to the Shimas' famous pride and determined not to disgrace his family, Tamahiko is resigned to his new duty—stay in the mountains and wait for death to put an end to his suffering. However, on one snowy night, Tamahiko's insomnia is interrupted by someone knocking at the door. He then meets the 14-year-old Yuzuki Tachibana, who announces that she has come to be his future wife! Suddenly, Tamahiko remembers his father promising to send him a bride to assist him with impediments to his daily life. Although she was sold as a bride to repay her family's debts, Yuzuki proves to be thoughtful, diligent, and dedicated to Tamahiko. Will the world-weary teenager prove insensitive to the rare breeze of kindness her presence brings to his monotonous existence? [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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Also known as: 大正処女御伽話, Taishou Maiden Fairytale

Genres: ComedyRomanceSlice of Life

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[Erai-raws] Taishou Otome Otogibanashi - 01 [1080p][Multiple Subtitle][2B939416].mkv 8 1GB
[Erai-raws] Taishou Otome Otogibanashi - 02 [1080p][Multiple Subtitle][B7560380].mkv 8 1024MB
[Erai-raws] Taishou Otome Otogibanashi - 03 [1080p][Multiple Subtitle][F3C4BB1F].mkv 8 1GB
[Erai-raws] Taishou Otome Otogibanashi - 04 [1080p][Multiple Subtitle][F2688B32].mkv 8 1015.6MB
[Erai-raws] Taishou Otome Otogibanashi - 05 [1080p][Multiple Subtitle][9FA6AFF8].mkv 8 1016MB
[Erai-raws] Taishou Otome Otogibanashi - 06 [1080p][Multiple Subtitle][85BA9A17].mkv 8 1006.6MB
[Erai-raws] Taishou Otome Otogibanashi - 07 [1080p][Multiple Subtitle][08FBF394].mkv 8 1003.6MB
[Erai-raws] Taishou Otome Otogibanashi - 08 [1080p][Multiple Subtitle][C780555A].mkv 8 1005.3MB
[Erai-raws] Taishou Otome Otogibanashi - 09 [1080p][Multiple Subtitle][AB9BF618].mkv 8 1023.5MB
[Erai-raws] Taishou Otome Otogibanashi - 10 [1080p][Multiple Subtitle][204BD51D].mkv 8 1GB
[Erai-raws] Taishou Otome Otogibanashi - 11 [1080p][Multiple Subtitle][26958A6B].mkv 8 1GB
[Erai-raws] Taishou Otome Otogibanashi - 12 END [1080p][Multiple Subtitle][91DD5D24].mkv 8 1GB

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