image of anime Sweet Valerian

Sweet Valerian

Eight DVD-only episodes.

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Also known as: スウィート・ヴァレリアン

Genres: ComedyMagicShoujo

Files Server Size
38990-episode-001-prolo-gue.avi 1 42.5MB
38991-episode-002-cell-phone-stress.avi 1 59.8MB
38992-episode-003-bargain-sale-stress.avi 1 34.5MB
38993-episode-004-we-became-valerians.avi 1 40.2MB
38994-episode-005-popular-ramen.avi 1 54.2MB
38995-episode-006-stress-on-a-shaky-crowded-train.avi 1 44.1MB
38996-episode-007-me-and-my-humble-life.avi 1 28.4MB
38997-episode-008-me-the-company-s-director.avi 1 28.4MB
38998-episode-009-me-a-mysterious-girl-.avi 1 28.5MB
38999-episode-010-plain-jimmy.avi 1 28.5MB
39000-episode-011-sneaking-away-from-work.avi 1 28.5MB
39001-episode-012-the-stress-group-has-a-boss-too.avi 1 28.5MB
39002-episode-013-car-chase-on-the-mountain.avi 1 28.7MB
39003-episode-014-let-s-make-a-special-attack.avi 1 27.5MB
39004-episode-015-mmmh-maririan.avi 1 27.5MB
39005-episode-016-i-want-to-become-a-valerian.avi 1 27.5MB
39006-episode-017-super-stress-boss.avi 1 27.5MB
39007-episode-018-you-did-it-sweet-valerian.avi 1 27.5MB
39008-special-019-universe-stress.avi 1 27.4MB
39009-special-020-throw-away-your-trash-.avi 1 27.5MB
39010-special-021-delivery-stress.avi 1 27.4MB
39011-special-022-intriguing-young-boy.avi 1 27.5MB
39012-special-023-that-monster-is-.avi 1 27.5MB
39013-special-024-stress-rid-hot-spring.avi 1 27.5MB
39014-special-025-once-upon-a-time-at-mt.-kachi-kachi.avi 1 27.3MB
39015-special-026-covered-in-monsters.avi 1 27.4MB
[AF-F Y-F] Sweet Valerian 24 [04D8A657].avi 1 27.5MB
[AF-F Y-F] Sweet Valerian 25 [709968AF].avi 1 27.3MB
[AF-F Y-F] Sweet Valerian 26 [D2DD1033].avi 1 27.4MB
[AF-F] Sweet Valerian 19 [0991FC0A].avi 1 27.4MB
[AF-F] Sweet Valerian 20 [7033CF12].avi 1 27.5MB
[AF-F] Sweet Valerian 21 [06C8C9D6].avi 1 27.4MB
[AF-F] Sweet Valerian 22 [1D043341].avi 1 27.5MB
[AF-F] Sweet Valerian 23 [EAEB25B3].avi 1 27.5MB

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