image of anime Super Gals

Super Gals

Sporting designer clothes, make-up, and nails, Ran Kotobuki is the very picture of a trendy, young Shibuya girl, but don't let that fool you. This girl comes from a family of cops, and she’s ready to lay you out flat if you even think about causing trouble in her town! At least, she will... when she’s not distracted with karaoke, shopping, and dodging her homework. Join Ran and her friends as they defend the streets of Shibuya and attempt to shop their way into the history books as the most famous Gals ever! (Source: RightStuf)

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Also known as: Super GALS!, 超GALS! 寿蘭

Genres: ComedySlice of LifeShoujo

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[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 04.mkv 8 261.6MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 05.mkv 8 214.6MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 06.mkv 8 223.3MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 07.mkv 8 227.2MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 08.mkv 8 204.1MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 09.mkv 8 216.7MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 10.mkv 8 269.3MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 11.mkv 8 220.6MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 12.mkv 8 228MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 13.mkv 8 250.6MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 14.mkv 8 194.5MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 15.mkv 8 285MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 16.mkv 8 210.9MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 17.mkv 8 217.8MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 18.mkv 8 244.2MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 19.mkv 8 211.4MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 20.mkv 8 232.7MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 21.mkv 8 258.7MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 22.mkv 8 264.1MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 23.mkv 8 257.5MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 24.mkv 8 263.9MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 25.mkv 8 249.1MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 26.mkv 8 256.2MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 27.mkv 8 251.6MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 28.mkv 8 251.9MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 29.mkv 8 251.9MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 30.mkv 8 251.6MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 31.mkv 8 230.2MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 32.mkv 8 230.2MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 33.mkv 8 229.6MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 34.mkv 8 230.2MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 35.mkv 8 230.2MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 36.mkv 8 229.7MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 37.mkv 8 229.1MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 38.mkv 8 230MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 39.mkv 8 224.8MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 40.mkv 8 224.8MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 41.mkv 8 215.6MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 42.mkv 8 224.9MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 43.mkv 8 176.5MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 44.mkv 8 195MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 45.mkv 8 224.5MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 46.mkv 8 223.6MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 47.mkv 8 214.2MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 48.mkv 8 221.6MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 49.mkv 8 215.7MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 50.mkv 8 190MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 51.mkv 8 217.5MB
[A-FanRips]Super Gals - 52.mkv 8 213.3MB

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