image of anime STOP!! Hibari kun!

STOP!! Hibari kun!

Kōsaku, a 10th-grader, has moved in with one of his mother's friends because she recently passed away. It just so happens that these family friends are a yazuka family with four beautiful daughters, but the most beautiful daughter, Hibari, is actually a boy. Hibari just can't keep his hands off Kōsaku and so their crazy yet happy lives go on.

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STOP!! Hibari kun! 01 (DVD 640x480 DivX5.11).avi 5 377.9MB
STOP!! Hibari kun! 02 (DVD 640x480 DivX5.11).avi 5 400MB
STOP!! Hibari kun! 03 (DVD 640x480 DivX5.11).avi 5 397.6MB
STOP!! Hibari kun! 05 (DVD 640x480 DivX5.11).avi 5 377.1MB
STOP!! Hibari kun! 06 (DVD 640x480 DivX5.11).avi 5 388.2MB
STOP!! Hibari kun! 07 (DVD 640x480 DivX5.11).avi 5 413.8MB
STOP!! Hibari kun! 09 (DVD 640x480 DivX5.11).avi 5 432.5MB
STOP!! Hibari kun! 10 (DVD 640x480 DivX5.11).avi 5 349.5MB
STOP!! Hibari kun! 12 (DVD 640x480 DivX5.11).avi 5 391.3MB
STOP!! Hibari kun! 14 (DVD 640x480 DivX5.11).avi 5 406.4MB
STOP!! Hibari kun! 15 (DVD 640x480 DivX5.11).avi 5 376.7MB
STOP!! Hibari kun! 17 (DVD 640x480 DivX5.11).avi 5 370.8MB
STOP!! Hibari kun! 19 (DVD 640x480 DivX5.11).avi 5 519.7MB
STOP!! Hibari kun! 20 (DVD 640x480 DivX5.11).avi 5 397.3MB
STOP!! Hibari kun! 22 (DVD 640x480 DivX5.11).avi 5 434.3MB
STOP!! Hibari kun! 25 (DVD 640x480 DivX5.11).avi 5 420.1MB
STOP!! Hibari kun! 27 (DVD 640x480 DivX5.11).avi 5 318.2MB
STOP!! Hibari kun! 28 (DVD 640x480 DivX5.11).avi 5 355.7MB
STOP!! Hibari kun! 29 (DVD 640x480 DivX5.11).avi 5 368.8MB
STOP!! Hibari kun! 30 (DVD 640x480 DivX5.11).avi 5 356.3MB
STOP!! Hibari kun! 31 (DVD 640x480 DivX5.11).avi 5 335.7MB
STOP!! Hibari kun! 32 (DVD 640x480 DivX5.11).avi 5 391.8MB
STOP!! Hibari kun! 33 (DVD 640x480 DivX5.11).avi 5 399.7MB
STOP!! Hibari kun! 34 (DVD 640x480 DivX5.11).avi 5 391.2MB
STOP!! Hibari kun! 35 (DVD 640x480 DivX5.11).avi 5 366.1MB
[Orphan] Stop!! Hibari-kun! - 01 (DVD) [159D74AB].mkv 5 443.2MB
[Orphan] Stop!! Hibari-kun! - 02 (DVD) [CDB02743].mkv 5 457.4MB
[Orphan] Stop!! Hibari-kun! - 03 (DVD) [F6ADE1A2].mkv 5 429.8MB
[Orphan] Stop!! Hibari-kun! - 04 (DVD) [B5B7C019].mkv 5 453.5MB
[Orphan] Stop!! Hibari-kun! - 05 (DVD) [6FD55902].mkv 5 474.2MB
[Orphan] Stop!! Hibari-kun! - 06 (DVD) [24A2A722].mkv 5 465MB

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