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Steam Detectives

The scene is Steam City, a London-ish city which represents an entire civilization run by coal and steam power. Because of steam, the city is sometimes covered in a mist. Villains take advantage of the steamy mist to hide and execute their evil plans. Only a few dare venture into what's beyond the steamy mist. They are known as the Steam Detectives: Narutaki (and his convertible all-purpose pistol), his nurse-assistant Lingling, and his Megamaton robot Gohliki.

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Also known as: Steam Detectives, Steam Detective, Kaiketsu Shoki Tanteidan, 快傑蒸気探偵団

Genres: ActionMechaMysteryPolice

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Steam Detectives Ep.02[h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][7139BE5F].mkv 1 244.5MB
Steam Detectives Ep.03[h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][4DE143A3].mkv 1 247.1MB
Steam Detectives Ep.04[h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][27662850].mkv 1 242.6MB
Steam Detectives Ep.05[h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][752024BC].mkv 1 247.1MB
Steam Detectives Ep.06[h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][45381948].mkv 1 241.7MB
Steam Detectives Ep.07[h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][0A7A9953].mkv 1 246.6MB
Steam Detectives Ep.08[h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][F8753CA3].mkv 1 248.6MB
Steam Detectives Ep.09[h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][EEA39F97].mkv 1 243.7MB
Steam Detectives Ep.10[h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][CE02475D].mkv 1 250.8MB
Steam Detectives Ep.11[h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][3C77C917].mkv 1 245.9MB
Steam Detectives Ep.12[h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][6BAD5F6A].mkv 1 244.1MB
Steam Detectives Ep.13[h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][E9545CEA].mkv 1 249.3MB
Steam Detectives Ep.14[h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][EA560A1A].mkv 1 236.9MB
Steam Detectives Ep.15[h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][31B4358B].mkv 1 222.2MB
Steam Detectives Ep.16[h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][9AE3F16A].mkv 1 242MB
Steam Detectives Ep.17[h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][578E35EE].mkv 1 249.8MB
Steam Detectives Ep.18[h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][452FE2B5].mkv 1 245.8MB
Steam Detectives Ep.19[h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][0A1C3D98].mkv 1 246.4MB
Steam Detectives Ep.20[h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][3757CAC5].mkv 1 244.5MB
Steam Detectives Ep.21[h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][B8B56EC2].mkv 1 242.6MB
Steam Detectives Ep.22[h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][A11B53FC].mkv 1 256MB
Steam Detectives Ep.23[h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][ED0F8341].mkv 1 248MB
Steam Detectives Ep.24[h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][414782FF].mkv 1 241.1MB
Steam Detectives Ep.25[h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][42C9FE3E].mkv 1 249.3MB
Steam Detectives Ep.26[h.264-AAC][SSP-Corp][9CDE0203].mkv 1 245.9MB

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