image of anime Space Runaway Ideon

Space Runaway Ideon

Mankind has traveled to the stars and come across various alien civilizations, now long dead. Upon discovering the archaeological remains of such a civilization on the planet Solo, humanity finally has its first encounter with a living alien species: the Buff Clan. When Karala Ajiba, the daughter of the Buff Clan's military leader, sets foot on the surface of Solo, the Buff Clan launches a brutal assault on the colony to retrieve her.

In order to escape, Cosmo Yuki, Kasha Imhof, and Bes Jordan climb aboard three trucks, which soon transform into the giant humanoid robot Ideon. When the settlement on Solo is destroyed, the survivors board a recently discovered spaceship—the Solo Ship—and flee, endeavoring to get away from the aliens and finally find peace. The relentless Buff Clan, however, is still in hot pursuit and will not give up so easily.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

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Also known as: Space Runaway Ideon, Ideon, Legendary Giant-God Ideon, Great God Legend Ideon, 伝説巨神イデオン

Genres: Sci-FiSpaceDramaMecha

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[EG]Space Runaway Ideon 01 BD V2(720p 10bit)[DC25D8C0].mkv 8 800.2MB
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[EG]Space Runaway Ideon 03 BD(720p 10bit)[9115B18E].mkv 8 810MB
[EG]Space Runaway Ideon 04 BD(720p 10bit)[B691B987].mkv 8 844.2MB
[EG]Space Runaway Ideon 05 BD(720p 10bit)[9898173F].mkv 8 758.2MB
[EG]Space Runaway Ideon 06 BD(720p 10bit)[1A5F918F].mkv 8 816MB
[EG]Space Runaway Ideon 07 BD(720p 10bit)[7D7DB530].mkv 8 1.1GB
[EG]Space Runaway Ideon 08 BD(720p 10bit)[9D39451C].mkv 8 855MB
[EG]Space Runaway Ideon 09 BD(720p 10bit)[4A83DD6C].mkv 8 822.6MB
[EG]Space Runaway Ideon 10 BD(720p 10bit)[DE0140E2].mkv 8 830.9MB
[EG]Space Runaway Ideon 11 BD(720p 10bit)[E1043AE5].mkv 8 849.3MB
[EG]Space Runaway Ideon 12 BD(720p 10bit)[0FFF34D2].mkv 8 816.9MB
[EG]Space Runaway Ideon 13 BD(720p 10bit)[3CE3B6F0].mkv 8 785.7MB
[EG]Space Runaway Ideon 14 BD(720p 10bit)[FCC8ADFC].mkv 8 890.8MB
[EG]Space Runaway Ideon 15 BD(720p 10bit)[FCC8ADFC].mkv 8 784.9MB
[EG]Space Runaway Ideon 16 BD(720p 10bit)[07E7E595].mkv 8 876.3MB
[EG]Space Runaway Ideon 17 BD(720p 10bit)[217EA7A9].mkv 8 875.1MB
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[EG]Space Runaway Ideon 20v2 BD(720p 10bit)[4D412957].mkv 8 935.7MB
[EG]Space Runaway Ideon 21 BD(720p 10bit)[9F338E9E].mkv 8 876.9MB
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[EG]Space Runaway Ideon 24 BD(720p 10bit)[FBB2B470].mkv 8 896.1MB
[EG]Space Runaway Ideon 25 BD(720p 10bit)[37B3C340].mkv 8 943.7MB
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[EG]Space Runaway Ideon 28 BD(720p 10bit)[E71C4000].mkv 8 909.9MB
[EG]Space Runaway Ideon 29 BD(720p 10bit)[16EB214A].mkv 8 972.8MB
[EG]Space Runaway Ideon 30 BD(720p 10bit)[BD47581B].mkv 8 912.8MB
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[EG]Space Runaway Ideon 32 BD(720p 10bit)[9B4AFF24].mkv 8 890.8MB
[EG]Space Runaway Ideon 33 BD(720p 10bit)[66915BAE].mkv 8 1GB

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