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The tennis comedy centers around the members of a female middle school soft tennis team and the twists and turns that their lives take as they aim for the nationals.

(Source: MU)

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Also known as: Softenni! the Animation, Sofuteni, Soft Tennis, そふてにっ

Genres: ComedySportsEcchiSchool

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[GrimRipper] Softenni Ep01 (a35203de).mkv 8 371.2MB
[GrimRipper] Softenni Ep02 (43225ee8).mkv 8 341.6MB
[GrimRipper] Softenni Ep03 (8243ace8).mkv 8 401.3MB
[GrimRipper] Softenni Ep04 (811a49a5).mkv 8 356.7MB
[GrimRipper] Softenni Ep05 (fd96df63).mkv 8 399.1MB
[GrimRipper] Softenni Ep06 (9fa29b70).mkv 8 363MB
[GrimRipper] Softenni Ep07 (52c3fec1).mkv 8 383.6MB
[GrimRipper] Softenni Ep08 (7fc0dc46).mkv 8 342.1MB
[GrimRipper] Softenni Ep09 (084c554a).mkv 8 332MB
[GrimRipper] Softenni Ep10 (1688632c).mkv 8 372.9MB
[GrimRipper] Softenni Ep11 (a32b647c).mkv 8 336.7MB
[GrimRipper] Softenni Ep12 (9e697b6c).mkv 8 332MB
[GrimRipper] Softenni NCED1 (d6633e4d).mkv 8 41.6MB
[GrimRipper] Softenni NCED2 (b2d52382).mkv 8 34.3MB
[GrimRipper] Softenni NCOP (06baaf26).mkv 8 49.1MB
[GrimRipper] Softenni Special1 (2d844d96).mkv 8 27.7MB
[GrimRipper] Softenni Special2 (3e2b7916).mkv 8 43.5MB
[GrimRipper] Softenni Special3 (9c0e1772).mkv 8 28.9MB
[GrimRipper] Softenni Special4 (d9a78a8b).mkv 8 37.1MB
[GrimRipper] Softenni Special5 (e4b74779).mkv 8 55.2MB
[GrimRipper] Softenni Special6 (4c63c722).mkv 8 32MB

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