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Slow Start

Hana Ichinose, a 17-year-old high school student who is not only introverted, but also insecure and timid, has just moved and will be attending a new school. To make her situation more difficult, Hana is a "slow start," which means that she missed a year and worries about attending a class where everyone is younger than her. During her introduction, the teacher reveals it is Hana's birthday, which gives her the jumping-off point to meet three of her classmates: Tamate Momochi, a charismatic and extroverted girl; Kanmuri Sengoku, who is shy and small; and the popular and pretty Eiko Tokura. Not wanting to lose the chance to make new friends, Hana's interactions with these three mark the beginning of some beautiful relationships that will change her life. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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Also known as: Slow Start, スロウスタート

Genres: ComedySchoolSlice of Life

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[Nii-sama] Slow Start - 01 [1080p][BD][HEVC][10bit][FLAC][5DB2CC1F].mkv 1 657.8MB
[Nii-sama] Slow Start - 02 [1080p][BD][HEVC][10bit][FLAC][3DF607DF].mkv 1 558.5MB
[Nii-sama] Slow Start - 03 [1080p][BD][HEVC][10bit][FLAC][7F3B0074].mkv 1 602.9MB
[Nii-sama] Slow Start - 04 [1080p][BD][HEVC][10bit][FLAC][C4BA44A0].mkv 1 548.3MB
[Nii-sama] Slow Start - 05 [1080p][BD][HEVC][10bit][FLAC][E0124064].mkv 1 525.1MB
[Nii-sama] Slow Start - 06 [1080p][BD][HEVC][10bit][FLAC][B3444A2B].mkv 1 503.8MB
[Nii-sama] Slow Start - 07 [1080p][BD][HEVC][10bit][FLAC][47F6D1CC].mkv 1 518.3MB
[Nii-sama] Slow Start - 08 [1080p][BD][HEVC][10bit][FLAC][DA6D7C06].mkv 1 504.9MB
[Nii-sama] Slow Start - 09 [1080p][BD][HEVC][10bit][FLAC][756FA879].mkv 1 526MB
[Nii-sama] Slow Start - 10 [1080p][BD][HEVC][10bit][FLAC][4E0B5078].mkv 1 473MB
[Nii-sama] Slow Start - 11 [1080p][BD][HEVC][10bit][FLAC][369A4B2F].mkv 1 557.7MB
[Nii-sama] Slow Start - 12 [1080p][BD][HEVC][10bit][FLAC][46142D07].mkv 1 553.4MB

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