image of anime Sky Girls (2007)

Sky Girls (2007)

In the near future, Earth is at war with aliens called Worms. The war leaves the population of Earth decimated, with young men the main casualties. The Worms were beaten back but their re-emergence heralds the creation of a mecha unit called the Sonic Divers, piloted by 3 young girls to counter this threat.

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Also known as: Sky Girls TV, Sky Girls (2007), スカイガールズ

Genres: MechaMilitarySci-Fi

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28087-episode-001-candidates.avi 8 174.1MB
28088-episode-002-sonic-diver.mp4 8 169.9MB
28089-episode-003-flight.mp4 8 169.8MB
28090-episode-004-the-alley-corner-of-the-holiday.mp4 8 169.9MB
28091-episode-005-i-m-counting-on-you-zero-.mp4 8 169.9MB
28092-episode-006-nanae-s-secret.mp4 8 169.9MB
28093-episode-007-naming-sky-girls.mp4 8 169.9MB
28094-episode-008-let-s-go-to-the-hot-spring-.mp4 8 163.9MB
28095-episode-009-delta-lock.avi 8 175.6MB
28096-episode-010-ghost-base.avi 8 174.2MB
28097-episode-011-the-fourth-sky-girl.avi 8 175.5MB
28098-episode-012-goodbye-obama.avi 8 175.8MB
28099-episode-013-kouryu-move-out-.avi 8 176.1MB
28100-episode-014-quadlock.avi 8 175.6MB
28101-episode-015-father-and-daughter.avi 8 175.5MB
28102-episode-016-stopping-at-a-port.mp4 8 169.9MB
28103-episode-017-sky-girls-of-the-southern-islands.avi 8 175.6MB
28104-episode-018-intruder.avi 8 175.5MB
28105-episode-019-aisha-chronicle.avi 8 175.5MB
28106-episode-020-what-came-out-in-that-finder.mp4 8 169.9MB
28107-episode-021-joint-struggle.mp4 8 169.9MB
28108-episode-022-southern-cross-holy-night.mp4 8 169.8MB
28109-episode-023-lost-wing.mp4 8 169.8MB
28110-episode-024-decisive-battle.avi 8 175.5MB
28111-episode-025-otoha-once-more.mp4 8 169.9MB
28112-episode-026-the-future....avi 8 175.8MB
28113-special-001-fishing-idiot-eika-san-sky-girls-dynamite-fishing.avi 8 47.8MB
28114-special-002-explosive-catch-mudskipper-fishing-.avi 8 50.2MB
28115-special-003-episode-1003.mkv 8 35MB
28117-special-005-protect-the-indigenous-species-bass-fishing-contest-.avi 8 50.1MB
28118-special-006-fish-the-porgy-with-prawns.-black-porgy-fishing-.avi 8 50MB
28119-special-007-the-porgy-s-really-tough-getting-poorer-by-the-day-red-tai-fishing-.avi 8 50.1MB
28120-special-008-dvd-special-8.mkv 8 50MB
28121-special-009-dvd-special-9.avi 8 50.2MB
28122-trailer-001-commercial.avi 8 2.7MB
41995-special-004-astonishing-piranha-fishing-.avi 8 49.9MB

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