image of anime Sketchbook: full color's

Sketchbook: full color's

Sora Kajiwara is a shy first year who joined the art club at her school. Sora slowly becomes less shy as she befriends everyone in the art club. She also grows artistically and learns how to sketch the beautiful world around her... and cats!

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Also known as: Sketchbook ~full color's~, スケッチブック ~full color's~

Genres: Slice of LifeComedy

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28046-episode-007-on-a-day-in-september....mkv 8 140MB
28047-episode-008-a-girl-s-cassette-player-and-two-possibilities.mkv 8 141.3MB
28048-episode-009-for-the-sake-of-something.mkv 8 140.6MB
28049-episode-001-the-girl-of-the-sketchbook.mkv 8 140.7MB
28050-episode-010-the-prior-encounter.mkv 8 140.6MB
28051-episode-011-episode-11.mkv 8 140.5MB
28052-episode-012-day-of-the-sketchbook.mkv 8 140.9MB
28053-episode-013-all-alone-in-the-art-club.mkv 8 220.1MB
28054-episode-002-the-usual-scenery.mkv 8 139.8MB
28055-episode-003-blue-worries.mkv 8 140MB
28056-episode-004-sketch-conference.mkv 8 140.2MB
28057-episode-005-tale-of-the-day.mkv 8 140.6MB
28058-episode-006-episode-6.mkv 8 140.5MB

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