image of anime Sister Princess: Re Pure

Sister Princess: Re Pure

After a long time, Wataru has decided to leave his family home and live on his own. The girls have also decided to split up and most of them are living separately as well. But none of them have forgotten about their brother and still stick together to meet him.

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Also known as: Sister Princess Repure, シスター・プリンセス ~リピュア~

Genres: DramaRomance

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28033-episode-001-heart-days.avi 1 169.5MB
28034-episode-002-secret-of-the-garden-.avi 1 174MB
28035-episode-003-maron-s-temptation.avi 1 140.9MB
28036-episode-004-hehe...-it-s-sleepover-day..avi 1 174.1MB
28037-episode-005-a-star-s-endless-wish.avi 1 148.3MB
28038-episode-006-anii-and-my-mug-cup.avi 1 169.1MB
28039-episode-007-the-magic-word.avi 1 174.4MB
28040-episode-008-it-s-visiting-day-.avi 1 174.2MB
28041-episode-009-are-you-close-to-me...-aniki-.avi 1 174.4MB
28042-episode-010-the-red-thread-of-fate.avi 1 158.6MB
28043-episode-011-the-box-of-memories.avi 1 174.1MB
28044-episode-012-restaurant-of-older-brother.avi 1 174.1MB
28045-episode-013-pure-christmas.avi 1 173.1MB

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