image of anime Shining Tears X Wind

Shining Tears X Wind

Mysterious disappearances are occurring one after the other in Tatsumi Town. Kiriya has a vision from a mysterious beautiful girl with pointy ears. A book talking for an alternative world is found. And Mao searching for her long lost friend, Zero, comes to our world. But what she didn’t expect is to find Souma and Kureha, and even less, to accidentally take them to her world. Now, Souma and Kureha have to find a way to come back. But other forces are playing their part in the darkness and Souma with Kureha will find that going back is harder than they first anticipated.

(Source: ANN)

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Also known as: Shining Tears X Wind, Shining Tears Ex, Shining Tears Cross Wind, シャイニング・ティアーズ・クロス・ウィンド

Genres: ActionAdventureFantasyMagic

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Files Server Size
12892-episode-001-today-x-strange-world.avi 1 174.1MB
12893-episode-002-heart-x-sword.avi 1 170MB
38733-episode-003-friend-x-love.avi 1 170MB
41835-episode-007-episode-7.avi 1 170.1MB
41836-episode-008-white-horseman-x-zero.avi 1 170MB
41837-episode-009-despair-x-desire.avi 1 170MB
41838-episode-010-reunion-x-bond.avi 1 170MB
41839-episode-011-spirit-x-witch.avi 1 170MB
41840-episode-012-optical-x-darkness.avi 1 170.1MB
41841-episode-013-worldwide-x-heart.avi 1 170MB
41842-episode-004-mission-x-companion.avi 1 170MB
41843-episode-005-fairy-x-fairy.avi 1 170MB
41844-episode-006-desert-sand-x-ice-and-snow.avi 1 170MB

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