image of anime Shichinin No Nana

Shichinin No Nana

Nana Suzuki winds up being split into seven copies of herself. Besides the original Nana, there's also a smart Nana, a happy Nana, an angry Nana, a sensitive Nana, a sad Nana, and a slow Nana. (Source: ANN)

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Also known as: 七人のナナ, Nana 7 of 7, Nana Seven of Seven

Genres: AdventureComedyMagicRomanceSchool

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Files Server Size
01 - Nana Times Seven Is Nana.mkv 8 1.6GB
02 - Chaos! All Seven Of Us Go To School.mkv 8 1.6GB
03 - Do Seven Nanas Nake One Nana.mkv 8 1.6GB
04 - The Birth Of The Exam Hell Squadron, Nana Rangers.mkv 8 1.6GB
05 - Decision Time! Yuichi's First-Choice High School.mkv 8 1.6GB
06 - Examinee No.623! Late-Night Radio Commotion.mkv 8 1.6GB
07 - Midnight Snack Munchies! A Cook-Off To Help Us Pass Our Exams.mkv 8 1.6GB
08 - Confess Your Love In English! KO The American Tutor.mkv 8 1.6GB
09 - Sweet Temptation! Love, Secrets And Crib Notes.mkv 8 1.6GB
10 - The Dreaded F! Final Exams Are A Must-Win Battle.mkv 8 1.6GB
11 - Have Your Cake And Eat It Too!.mkv 8 1.6GB
12 - Hot Summer Study Retreat! Hartstopping Test Of Courage And Love.mkv 8 1.6GB
13 - Love And English Conversation! A Mid-air Rendezvous With Yuichi.mkv 8 1.6GB
14 - Overseas Study Program! Chaos In San Francisco.mkv 8 1.6GB
15 - To Each Her Own Entrance Exam! Who Will Catch The Future.mkv 8 1.6GB
16 - Cultural Festival Heartbreak! A 4-Handkerchief Tearjerker.mkv 8 1.6GB
17 - The Day Nana Disappeared...And Reappeared.mkv 8 1.6GB
18 - Confession In The Snow! Happy X`Mas.mkv 8 1.6GB
19 - New Year's Eve With The Whole Family! Panic! Mom And Dad Return!.mkv 8 1.5GB
20 - Passing Grade Guaranteed! Charms Gone Awry.mkv 8 1.6GB
21 - The Missing Pencil! There Are 8 Nanas.mkv 8 1.5GB
22 - Showdown! Nana And Yuichi! Interview For Early Acceptance.mkv 8 1.6GB
23 - Early Acceptance Retracted! My Love Life And My Exams Are Out Of Control.mkv 8 1.6GB
24 - The Day Before The Exam!! The Last Battle, Nana VS Nana.mkv 8 1.6GB
25 - Acceptance Announcement!! Flowers Blossom On The Hill Of Hearts.mkv 8 1.6GB
26 - It's New Years! 7 X Nana = 49 Nanas.mkv 8 1.6GB
Clean Ending.mkv 8 67.9MB
Clean Opening.mkv 8 101.9MB

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