image of anime Shana of the Burning Eyes

Shana of the Burning Eyes

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12817-episode-001-the-end-of-everything-the-one-beginning.mkv 8 346.7MB
12818-episode-002-the-lit-flame.mkv 8 346MB
12819-episode-003-the-torch-and-the-flame-haze.mkv 8 170.8MB
12820-episode-004-the-confused-flame-haze.mkv 8 172.6MB
12821-episode-005-respective-feelings.mkv 8 172.1MB
12822-episode-006-complication-invocation-confrontation.mkv 8 170.9MB
12823-episode-007-the-two-flame-hazes.mkv 8 170.4MB
12824-episode-008-the-beautiful-goblet.mkv 8 171.3MB
12825-episode-009-the-poolside-of-love-and-desire.mkv 8 170.4MB
12826-episode-010-entwined-feelings.mkv 8 170.3MB
12827-episode-011-yuji-shana-and-kisses.mkv 8 170.2MB
12828-episode-012-flowers-bloom-in-the-cradle.mkv 8 171.4MB
12829-episode-013-the-declaration-of-war-behind-the-school-building.mkv 8 171.4MB
12830-episode-014-a-remarkable-person.mkv 8 172.4MB
12831-episode-015-the-day-when-the-flame-was-born.mkv 8 169.7MB
12832-episode-016-the-flame-haired-scorching-eyed-slayer.mkv 8 171.5MB
12833-episode-017-a-new-beginning.mkv 8 171.5MB
12834-episode-018-shattered-wish.mkv 8 171.8MB
12835-episode-019-in-the-midst-of-battle.mkv 8 170.3MB
12836-episode-020-heartless-wilhelmina.mkv 8 171.2MB
12837-episode-021-fading-thoughts.mkv 8 171.7MB
12838-episode-022-flickering-flame.mkv 8 172MB
12839-episode-023-battle-in-the-seirei-den.mkv 8 172.3MB
12840-episode-024-crimson-thoughts.mkv 8 241.3MB
12841-special-001-shakugan-no-shanatan.mkv 8 26.7MB
12842-special-002-shakugan-no-shanatan-returns.mkv 8 43.4MB
12843-special-003-master-throne-hecatetan.mkv 8 64.6MB
41000-special-004-shakugan-no-shana-special-love-and-outdoor-hot-spring-tutorial-.avi 8 235.7MB

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