image of anime Shadow Star Narutaru

Shadow Star Narutaru

During her summer holiday at her grandparents house Tamai Shiina, a young and cheerful schoolgirl, meets a strange looking creature. They befriend each other and Shiina names it "Hoshimaru: The Round Star." When Shiina returns home after the summer to go back to school, she starts meeting other kids that also have befriended a strange creature like Hoshimaru. But she soon finds out that not all these creatures and their masters are as friendly as Hoshimaru.

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Also known as: Shadow Star Narutaru, なるたる ~骸なる星・珠たる子~

Genres: DramaSeinenThriller

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12734-episode-001-it-s-a-star-shape.avi 1 169.6MB
12735-episode-002-catastrophe-during-the-daytime.avi 1 163.4MB
12736-episode-003-the-first-black-one.avi 1 164.6MB
12737-episode-004-the-shadow-of-a-child-s-footprint.avi 1 178.3MB
12738-episode-005-an-angel-s-play.avi 1 175.5MB
12739-episode-006-his-words-were-true.avi 1 177MB
12740-episode-007-the-scent-of-flowers-to-those-who-fight-and-those-who-die....avi 1 175.1MB
12741-episode-008-don-t-close-your-eyes.avi 1 174.7MB
12742-episode-009-the-life-of-a-fish-the-life-of-a-person.avi 1 175.1MB
12743-episode-010-the-things-i-can-do-for-you-now.avi 1 175.2MB
12744-episode-011-the-invisible-ground-level.avi 1 175MB
12745-episode-012-my-eyes-are-the-victim-s-eyes-my-hands-are-the-assailant-s-hands.avi 1 175MB
12746-episode-013-that-which-we-bestow-upon-the-children-of-the-future.avi 1 175MB

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