image of anime Sengoku Basara Ni

Sengoku Basara Ni

Based on the Sengoku Basara and Mini-Sengoku asara anime from the CAPCOM video games.

Comic strips that tells the adventures of the chibi version of the Sengoku era warlords.

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Also known as: Mini Sengoku Basara II TV TVアニメ ミニ戦国BASARA弐

Genres: ComedySeinen

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[philosophy-raws][Sengoku Basara 2][01][BDRIP][Hi10P FLAC][1920X1080].mkv 1 1.5GB
[philosophy-raws][Sengoku Basara 2][02][BDRIP][Hi10P FLAC][1920X1080].mkv 1 1.5GB
[philosophy-raws][Sengoku Basara 2][03][BDRIP][Hi10P FLAC][1920X1080].mkv 1 1.5GB
[philosophy-raws][Sengoku Basara 2][04][BDRIP][Hi10P FLAC][1920X1080].mkv 1 1.4GB
[philosophy-raws][Sengoku Basara 2][05][BDRIP][Hi10P FLAC][1920X1080].mkv 1 1.3GB
[philosophy-raws][Sengoku Basara 2][06][BDRIP][Hi10P FLAC][1920X1080].mkv 1 1.6GB
[philosophy-raws][Sengoku Basara 2][07][BDRIP][Hi10P FLAC][1920X1080].mkv 1 1.3GB
[philosophy-raws][Sengoku Basara 2][08][BDRIP][Hi10P FLAC][1920X1080].mkv 1 1.2GB
[philosophy-raws][Sengoku Basara 2][09][BDRIP][Hi10P FLAC][1920X1080].mkv 1 1.3GB
[philosophy-raws][Sengoku Basara 2][10][BDRIP][Hi10P FLAC][1920X1080].mkv 1 1.5GB
[philosophy-raws][Sengoku Basara 2][11][BDRIP][Hi10P FLAC][1920X1080].mkv 1 1.4GB
[philosophy-raws][Sengoku Basara 2][12][BDRIP][Hi10P FLAC][1920X1080].mkv 1 1.7GB
[philosophy-raws][Sengoku Basara 2][13][BDRIP][Hi10P FLAC][1920X1080].mkv 1 1.4GB

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(Source: ANN)

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