image of anime Seija Musou Salaryman, Isekai de Ikinokoru Tame ni Ayumu Michi

Seija Musou Salaryman, Isekai de Ikinokoru Tame ni Ayumu Michi

Right as he is about to earn a promotion, a salaryman meets an untimely demise. Taking pity, a mysterious being grants him a second life in the land of Galdardia as a teenager. Choosing the name Luciel for himself and a role as a healer, the young man sets off for the nearby town of Merratoni. There, he learns that healers are a coveted resource, yet they often take advantage of others for monetary gain. Vowing to be different from other healers, he joins the local branch of the Healers′ Guild and begins unlocking his magical potential.

After failing to save someone with his magic, Luciel is determined to get stronger. To improve his physical strength and hone his magic skills, he registers as an adventurer and takes rigorous training under Brod, the chief instructor of the Adventurers′ Guild. Soon, Luciel gradually finds his way through Galdardia, gaining a reputation as a selfless healer who aids others regardless of expense.

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Also known as: The Great Cleric, 聖者無双, The Great Cleric: A Salaryman′s Path to Surviving Another World

Genres: ComedyFantasy

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