image of anime Samurai Pizza Cats

Samurai Pizza Cats

Kyattou Ninden Teyande takes place in the city of Little Tokyo, a meld of feudal and modern Japanese culture, whose citizens are walking, talking animals.

When the head palace guard catches wind that the corrupt prime minister Seymour Cheese decides to become emperor and take over Little Tokyo, he knows that only one group can save Little Tokyo: the owners of a local pizza joint, the Pizza Cats! Serving delicious pizza by day, this trio's true occupation is meowvelous warriors of justice! The Samurai Pizza Cats will do whatever it takes to protect Little Tokyo!

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Also known as: Samurai Pizza Cats, Cat Ninden Teyandee, キャッ党忍伝てやんでえ

Genres: ActionComedyMechaSuper PowerSci-FiShounen

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12431-episode-001-stop-dragon-my-cat-around-.avi 8 170.6MB
12432-episode-002-if-you-knew-sushi-like-i-know-sushi.avi 8 170.3MB
12433-episode-003-underground-underwater-undercooked.avi 8 170.5MB
12434-episode-004-the-great-golden-cluck.avi 8 170.4MB
12435-episode-005-let-the-cellar-beware-.avi 8 170.4MB
12436-episode-006-singing-samurai-sensai-tion.avi 8 170.3MB
12437-episode-007-the-nuclear-potato.avi 8 170.4MB
12438-episode-008-kind-of-a-drag.avi 8 170.4MB
12439-episode-009-double-trouble-for-princess-vi.avi 8 170.3MB
12440-episode-011-hot-and-kold-kitties.avi 8 170.3MB
12441-episode-012-candid-kitty.avi 8 170.4MB
12442-episode-013-the-pizza-cats-are-only-human-part-1-.avi 8 170.3MB
12443-episode-015-those-transformin-felines.avi 8 102.6MB
12444-episode-016-the-case-of-the-bogus-billionaire.avi 8 102.7MB
12445-episode-017-the-big-cheese-s-i.q.-corral.avi 8 131.5MB
12446-episode-018-field-of-screwballs.avi 8 102.6MB
12447-episode-019-speedy-s-double-time-trick.avi 8 102.7MB
12448-episode-020-samurai-charm-school.avi 8 142.4MB
12449-episode-021-drummin-up-trouble-with-a-big-bad-beat.avi 8 95.5MB
12450-episode-022-pizza-bird-delivers-.avi 8 108.7MB
12451-episode-023-big-cheese-shows-his-filmy-substance.avi 8 108.6MB
12452-episode-024-son-of-big-cheese.avi 8 100.1MB
12453-episode-025-gender-bender-butterflies-.avi 8 90.8MB
12454-episode-026-pizza-cat-performance-review.avi 8 97.2MB
12455-episode-027-cold-and-crabby-in-little-tokyo.avi 8 108.6MB
12456-episode-028-the-terror-of-prisoner-island.avi 8 123.8MB
12457-episode-029-destructo-robots-at-popular-prices.avi 8 102.2MB
12458-episode-030-no-talent-guido.avi 8 108.9MB
12459-episode-031-all-you-need-is-love.avi 8 72.6MB
12460-episode-032-polly-s-magical-flute.avi 8 65.7MB
12461-episode-033-close-encounters-of-the-pig-kind.avi 8 108.6MB
12462-episode-034-big-cheese-s-high-definition-tv.rm 8 34.1MB
12463-episode-035-pizza-delivery-of-doom-.avi 8 106.7MB
12464-episode-036-youth-is-for-exploding.avi 8 120.4MB
12465-episode-039-a-mission-in-manhattan.avi 8 130.4MB
12466-episode-040-unidentified-flying-oddballs.avi 8 120.6MB
12467-episode-041-princess-vi-s-hippy-dippy-mom.avi 8 171.3MB
12468-episode-042-a-wet-amp-wild-weekend.avi 8 90.9MB
12469-episode-043-kung-fu-kitty-contest.avi 8 128.1MB
12470-episode-044-gone-with-the-ginzu.rm 8 34.1MB
12471-episode-045-a-little-bit-o-luck.rm 8 34.2MB
12472-episode-046-samurai-savings-time.avi 8 118MB
12473-episode-047-phoney-baloney-cat.avi 8 130.9MB
12474-episode-048-the-cheese-who-stole-christmas.avi 8 171.4MB
12475-episode-049-emperor-fred-does-hard-time.avi 8 108.7MB
12476-episode-050-quake-rattle-amp-roll.avi 8 171.3MB
12477-episode-052-the-big-comet-caper-part-1-.avi 8 108.7MB
12478-episode-053-the-big-comet-caper-part-2-.avi 8 105.6MB
12479-other-001-episodes-12-amp-13-the-pizza-cats-are-only-human-part-1-amp-2-.avi 8 202.8MB
12480-other-002-episodes-37-amp-38-bad-bird-uncaged-part-1-amp-2-.avi 8 159.1MB
12481-special-001-samurai-pizza-cats-the-movie.avi 8 586.2MB

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