image of anime Samurai Girl Real Bout High School

Samurai Girl Real Bout High School

At Daimon High School, kids settle their disputes by dueling with each other in the school's official K-Fight battle arena. Ryoko Mitsurugi, samurai girl and undefeated K-Fight champion, is called upon by a mysterious Priestess to protect the Earth from an invasion coming from the alternate universe of Solvania. She must face battles that will test her skills, her friendships, and her heart in order to find her true strength as a samurai warrior.

(Source: ANN)

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Also known as: Samurai Girl Real Bout High School, SAMURAI GIRL リアルバウトハイスクール

Genres: AdventureComedyFantasyShounen

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Files Server Size
32180-episode-001-samurai-girl-appears.ogm 1 228.6MB
32181-episode-002-the-strongest-man-on-earth-joins-the-fight-.ogm 1 206.1MB
32182-episode-003-enter-the-way-of-the-swordsman.ogm 1 195MB
32183-episode-004-the-girl-with-deep-black-eyes.ogm 1 205.8MB
32184-episode-005-attack-of-the-raging-wind-.ogm 1 218.6MB
32185-episode-006-threat-from-another-world.ogm 1 216.2MB
32186-episode-007-rematch-battle-at-lunch-time.ogm 1 219MB
32187-episode-008-the-beach-the-swimsuit-and-the-haunted-island.ogm 1 198MB
32188-episode-009-super-transformation-the-seven-witches.ogm 1 215.9MB
32189-episode-010-the-awakening-of-love.ogm 1 203.3MB
32190-episode-011-a-maiden-s-way.ogm 1 205.9MB
32191-episode-012-final-battle-in-the-arena.ogm 1 211.5MB
32192-episode-013-a-battle-against-fate.ogm 1 227.4MB

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