image of anime Samurai Deeper Kyo

Samurai Deeper Kyo

At the dawn of the 17th century, at the end of the era of civil wars, in a world of chaos, the epic Battle of Sekigahara was joined. One man emerged from the largest battle ever fought on Japanese soil; a terrible warrior of unspeakable power, he was nicknamed 'the unconquerable.'

Kyoshiro is a peaceful medicine peddler who harbors the soul of an assassin. He accompanies a young bounty hunter across Japan in search of a murderer and on a quest to discover the terrible secret of his own identity.

(Source: Tokyopop)

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Also known as: Samurai Deeper Kyo SDK SAMURAI DEEPER KYO

Genres: ActionAdventureComedyHistoricalShounen

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Files Server Size
12405-episode-001-the-road-to-armageddon.avi 8 181.7MB
12406-episode-002-wanted.avi 8 147.8MB
12407-episode-003-red-mirage.avi 8 167.6MB
12408-episode-004-the-creeping-nightmare.avi 8 176.5MB
12409-episode-005-tears-of-an-assassin.avi 8 162.8MB
12410-episode-006-the-duel-at-hibiya-bay.avi 8 176MB
12411-episode-007-keichou-era-battle-royal.avi 8 200.8MB
12412-episode-008-the-demon-spear-cries.avi 8 203MB
12413-episode-009-the-blind-smile.avi 8 191.8MB
12414-episode-010-cold-blooded-illusion.avi 8 195MB
12415-episode-011-pitch-black-flashback.avi 8 165.3MB
12416-episode-012-the-boy-from-the-deep-forest.avi 8 175.7MB
12417-episode-013-the-crossed-souls.avi 8 196MB
12418-episode-014-the-return-of-satan.avi 8 191.2MB
12419-episode-015-our-friend-red-tiger.avi 8 175.3MB
12420-episode-016-kyoshiro-returns.avi 8 166MB
12421-episode-017-the-girls-secret-talk.avi 8 156MB
12422-episode-018-devilish-nurses.avi 8 173.1MB
12423-episode-019-thunderbolt-attack.avi 8 159MB
12424-episode-020-beyond-absolute-zero.avi 8 169.3MB
12425-episode-021-the-demonic-mibu-castle.avi 8 168.8MB
12426-episode-022-mechanical-dolls.avi 8 142.8MB
12427-episode-023-scorching-ecstasy.avi 8 141.5MB
12428-episode-024-the-last-muramasa-awakens.avi 8 142.9MB
12429-episode-025-the-man-faster-than-tachyons.avi 8 142.8MB
12430-episode-026-the-ballad-of-the-samurai.avi 8 140.5MB

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