image of anime Salaryman Kintarou

Salaryman Kintarou

The story follows Kintaro, former leader of a widely feared and respected biker gang, who decides that its time to "straighten out" and become a "salaryman" since his wife died and he has to take care of his young son.

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Also known as: サラリーマン金太郎

Genres: ComedyDramaSeinen

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12369-episode-011-kintaro-tightens-control-of-the-site.mkv 1 173MB
12370-episode-012-kintaro-follows-through.mkv 1 173MB
12371-episode-013-kintaro-returns-home.mkv 1 173MB
12372-episode-014-kintaro-connects-people.mkv 1 172.9MB
12373-episode-015-kintaro-transferred.mkv 1 173MB
32138-episode-001-kintaro-enters-the-company.mkv 1 173MB
32139-episode-002-kintaro-fights.mkv 1 173MB
32140-episode-003-kintaro-steals-a-girl-s-heart.mkv 1 173MB
32141-episode-004-kintaro-runs-wild.mkv 1 172.9MB
32142-episode-005-kintaro-becomes-very-popular.mkv 1 172.9MB
32143-episode-006-the-crucial-moment-for-men.mkv 1 173MB
32144-episode-007-kintaro-snaps.mkv 1 173.2MB
32145-episode-008-kintaro-doesn-t-impress-me.mkv 1 172.9MB
32146-episode-009-kintaro-falls-in-love-with-misuzu.mkv 1 173MB
32147-episode-010-kintaro-takes-his-orders-from-the-company.mkv 1 173.1MB
32148-episode-016-kintaro-works-in-sales.mkv 1 172.9MB
32149-episode-017-kintaro-prearranges-bidding.mkv 1 172.9MB
32150-episode-018-dark-fog-in-kahoku.mkv 1 172.9MB
32151-episode-019-kintaro-writes-a-letter-of-resignation.mkv 1 173MB
32152-episode-020-kintaro-becomes-unruly.mkv 1 173MB

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