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Many years ago, humans and demons lived in harmony. But that unity ended when demons started attacking humans and plotted a mission to unleash Gyumao—an evil demon imprisoned for thousands of years. Now, Genjo Sanzo, a rogue priest, must team up with three demons—Sha Gojyo, Son Goku, and Cho Hakkai—and embark on a perilous journey to the west to stop these demons from resurrecting Gyumao and restore the balance between humans and demons on Earth.

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Also known as: Saiyuki, Gensou Maden Saiyuki, 幻想魔伝 最遊記

Genres: AdventureComedySupernaturalDramaShounen

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[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep01 (D18154DD).mkv 1 232.1MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep02 (BB85CBE8).mkv 1 233.1MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep03 (1942A479).mkv 1 232.9MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep04 (B5E56EC2).mkv 1 232.9MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep05 (21453D81).mkv 1 233MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep06 (CAE9535F).mkv 1 232.9MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep07 (7F01B351).mkv 1 233MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep08 (792670F6).mkv 1 232.8MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep09 (CEF05F9D).mkv 1 232.8MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep10 (F85F22E3).mkv 1 232.8MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep11 (F0BC111F).mkv 1 233MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep12 (07A65947).mkv 1 233.1MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep13 (B0BF456A).mkv 1 232.9MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep14 (73500539).mkv 1 232.9MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep15 (CB0E9477).mkv 1 232.9MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep16 (E84DFB0C).mkv 1 233MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep17 (4E6271E6).mkv 1 232.9MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep18 (4F80BD5D).mkv 1 233MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep19 (6BF11CBE).mkv 1 233.5MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep20 (7448C7A4).mkv 1 233.6MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep21 (3F631B46).mkv 1 233.8MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep22 (2ED88E8A).mkv 1 232.8MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep23 (3DA46E9A).mkv 1 233.6MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep24 (6C5DB33E).mkv 1 233.4MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep25 (A972F015).mkv 1 232.2MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep26 (659437F7).mkv 1 232.9MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep27 (C1CFBA01).mkv 1 233.3MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep28 (1FF35546).mkv 1 232.7MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep29 (9716B50B).mkv 1 233.2MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep30 (AF95805E).mkv 1 232.3MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep31 (0FAA78F4).mkv 1 232.7MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep32 (676B51E1).mkv 1 232.4MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep33 (22E51CF7).mkv 1 232.4MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep34 (630B3FEE).mkv 1 232.8MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep35 (534C90AF).mkv 1 231.9MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep36 (FDA055EE).mkv 1 231.8MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep37 (5775115F).mkv 1 232.5MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep38 (0D1A45C0).mkv 1 232.5MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep39 (3E8E686B).mkv 1 232.1MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep40 (1E482B99).mkv 1 231.7MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep41 (50788662).mkv 1 231.7MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep42 (04BBC860).mkv 1 231.7MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep43 (D988C2AB).mkv 1 232MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep44 (69F60189).mkv 1 232MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep45 (6544CC6B).mkv 1 231.8MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep46 (DDDB2D54).mkv 1 231.9MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep47 (77974C46).mkv 1 232MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep48 (5CED0E78).mkv 1 232.1MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep49 (89DDCFA9).mkv 1 232.8MB
[Exiled-Destiny] Saiyuki Ep50 (3773302C).mkv 1 232.5MB

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