image of anime Saiunkoku Monogatari 2nd Series

Saiunkoku Monogatari 2nd Series

Apparitions, oddities, and gods continue to manifest around Koyomi Araragi and his close-knit group of friends: Tsubasa Hanekawa, the group's modest genius; Shinobu Oshino, the resident doughnut-loving vampire; athletic deviant Suruga Kanbaru; bite-happy spirit Mayoi Hachikuji; Koyomi's cutesy stalker Nadeko Sengoku; and Hitagi Senjogahara, the poignant tsundere.

Monogatari Series: Second Season revolves around these individuals and their struggle to overcome the darkness that is rapidly approaching. A new semester has begun and with graduation looming over Araragi, he must quickly decide the paths he will walk, as well as the relationships and friends that he'll save. But as strange events begin to unfold, Araragi is nowhere to be found, and a vicious tiger apparition has appeared in his absence. Hanekawa has become its target, and she must fend for herself—or bow to the creature's perspective on the feebleness of humanity.

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Also known as: Monogatari Series: Second Season, Nekomonogatari: Shiro, Kabukimonogatari: Mayoi Jianshi, Otorimonogatari, Onimonogatari, Koimonogatari, 〈物語〉シリーズ セカンドシーズン

Genres: MysteryComedySupernaturalRomanceVampire

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26955-episode-001-there-is-no-place-like-home.mkv 1 142.5MB
26956-episode-002-life-goes-on-despite-tears-and-laughter.mkv 1 121MB
26957-episode-003-birds-of-a-feather-flock-together.mkv 1 129.9MB
26958-episode-004-if-winter-comes-can-spring-be-far-behind-.mkv 1 152.1MB
26959-episode-005-love-is-generous.mkv 1 128.2MB
26960-episode-006-thunder-in-a-clear-sky.mkv 1 118.9MB
26961-episode-007-one-s-zeal-can-cut-stones.avi 1 196.1MB
26963-episode-009-like-meeting-buddha-in-hell.mkv 1 120.4MB
26964-episode-010-the-awaited-person-finally-arrives.mkv 1 142.5MB
26965-episode-011-the-husband-is-always-the-last-to-know.avi 1 195MB
26966-episode-012-without-justice-there-is-no-heroism.avi 1 190.7MB
31965-episode-014-entering-the-tiger-s-den.avi 1 190.7MB
31966-episode-015-a-short-amount-of-time.mkv 1 179.2MB
31967-episode-016-the-light-before-the-wind.mkv 1 165.9MB
31968-episode-017-up-and-down-seven-times.mkv 1 166.7MB
31969-episode-018-a-long-way-after-dark.mkv 1 172.9MB
31970-episode-019-don-t-count-one-s-chickens-before-they-hatch.mkv 1 190.8MB
31971-episode-020-all-is-lost-that-is-given-to-a-fool.mkv 1 154.3MB
31972-episode-021-like-father-like-son.mkv 1 141.9MB
31973-episode-022-an-insect-in-a-lion-s-body.mkv 1 154.7MB
31974-episode-023-misery-loves-company.mkv 1 154.7MB
31975-episode-024-one-good-turn-deserves-another.mkv 1 138.5MB
31976-episode-025-even-with-trouble-youth-is-sufficient-enough-to-pay.mkv 1 138.1MB
31977-episode-026-even-the-wisest-will-flee-when-they-are-fools.mkv 1 145.9MB
31978-episode-027-it-is-better-to-wait-than-to-be-waited-for.mkv 1 152.6MB
31988-episode-037-the-eye-is-the-mirror-of-the-soul.mkv 1 175.8MB
31989-episode-038-close-friendship.mkv 1 175MB
31990-episode-039-destined-partners-cannot-be-separated.mkv 1 175.3MB
38709-episode-028-peaches-and-chestnuts-in-three-years-persimmons-in-eight-years.mkv 1 152.8MB
41761-episode-008-use-the-means-and-god-will-give-the-blessing.avi 1 191MB
41762-episode-013-hurrying-leads-to-mistakes.avi 1 195MB
41763-episode-029-the-further-you-are-the-more-i-think-about-you.mkv 1 142MB
41764-episode-030-the-silent-firefly-s-body-consumed-by-love.mkv 1 152.8MB
41765-episode-031-one-reaps-what-one-sows.mkv 1 165.7MB
41766-episode-032-a-painful-reluctance.mkv 1 169.6MB
41767-episode-033-as-the-seasons-change-so-does-the-mind.mkv 1 152.9MB
41768-episode-034-bluer-than-indigo.mkv 1 153.5MB
41769-episode-035-crossing-a-dangerous-bridge.mkv 1 153.8MB
41770-episode-036-fortune-is-where-one-finds-it.mkv 1 165.8MB

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