image of anime Saber Marionette J to X

Saber Marionette J to X

Taking place mere months after the Saber Marionette J OVA series, this newest installment in the Saber Marionette line follows the continuing adventures of Otaru and his clan of selfless, obsessive marionette girls. This time, the evil Faust is back, and again toying with Marionette technology that was never meant to be explored. The Saber Dolls are back, and torn between their newfound love for Otaru and their undying loyalty to Faust; Will Otaru, Lime, Cherry and Bloodberry be able to stop Faust again, or are they all headed for the scrap heap?

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Also known as: セイバーマリオネットJ to X

Genres: ActionAdventureComedyHaremMechaSci-Fi

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26594-episode-001-phase-01-here-amp-there-civilization-amp-enlightenment-.mkv 1 232.2MB
26595-episode-002-phase-02-lets-realize-the-wish-by-the-danijiri-battle-.mkv 1 232.2MB
26596-episode-003-phase-03-father-came-father-came-father-came-.mkv 1 232.1MB
26597-episode-004-phase-04-the-departure-of-saber-dolls.mkv 1 232.9MB
26598-episode-005-phase-05-shirataki-is-an-eternal-shrine.mkv 1 233.7MB
26599-episode-006-phase-06-two-of-otaru-the-tight-rope-of-love.mkv 1 225.9MB
26600-episode-007-phase-07-a-lonely-fairy.mkv 1 225.5MB
26601-episode-008-phase-08-child-nurturing-struggle-record-of-cherry.mkv 1 235.9MB
26602-episode-009-phase-09-everyone-woods-and-iron-balls-.mkv 1 227MB
26603-episode-010-phase-10-the-rice-ball-is-a-taste-of-peace-.mkv 1 232.4MB
26604-episode-011-phase-11-how-to-make-responsibility-of-manly-otaru.mkv 1 232.9MB
26605-episode-012-phase-12-heavens-cross-in-fate.mkv 1 233.7MB
26606-episode-013-phase-13-black-ambition-revival-of-giant-with-argent-wing-.mkv 1 233.2MB
26607-episode-014-phase-14-the-pair-travel-is-each-station-stop-.mkv 1 235.3MB
26608-episode-015-phase-15-capital-of-eternity-xian.mkv 1 234.5MB
26609-episode-016-phase-16-wingless-birds.mkv 1 233.8MB
26610-episode-017-phase-17-yesterday-and-today-of-each-one.mkv 1 233.3MB
26611-episode-018-phase-18-under-the-sky-with-threat-of-plasma.mkv 1 236.8MB
26612-episode-019-phase-19-the-sorrow-of-1-3.mkv 1 231.9MB
26614-episode-021-phase-21-the-final-play-of-the-red-lotus-the-awakening-of-the-scarlet.mkv 1 246.8MB
26615-episode-022-phase-22-shout.mkv 1 234.2MB
26616-episode-023-phase-23-dream-of-machine-device.mkv 1 234MB
26617-episode-024-phase-24-the-girls-who-run-on-the-rainbow.mkv 1 233.3MB
26618-episode-025-phase-25-the-light....mkv 1 244.2MB
26619-episode-026-phase-26-in-this-sky-it-is-also-blue-even-where.mkv 1 233.4MB
41062-episode-020-phase-20-it-doesnt-stop-raining-in-xian.mkv 1 233.8MB

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